60 2.30 Together

[System notification: Host's corruption is in progress: 83%...84%...]

Lightning struck without mercy, illuminating the hidden mansion atop of the hill. Gale howled and the thorny veins that shrouded the mansion walls flapped around wildly. It was an old building that seemed to have been built centuries ago, judging from the mold and spiderwebs around. No light could be seen from within, adding on to the gloomy and eerie atmosphere.

Under the basement where it was pitch black all around, a figure has his arms chained by his sides, kneeling. His long hair draped across his face and from the skin which wasn't covered in clothes, dense black veins crawled out terrifyingly, wriggling as if they had come alive and were going to dig out their way soon. His chest was undulating fiercely and faint growls rumbled from deep within his chest. His body jerked once in a while, shivering as if enduring great pain.

[666: Host…?]

[666: Host!!!]


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