572 Chapter 572: Nothing


That was the last thing Riley heard before his consciousness slowly slipped away from him. He was still alive, of course—but not for long. Riley tried lifting a hand, but his body was no longer really following him.

But that was alright.

This is something he has experienced more than a hundred times. This time, however, will probably be the longest time he will succumb to death. He wasn't disintegrated like when Hannah killed him; his brain was just stabbed.

No, not quite. It would seem that James was not yet satisfied as he sliced off his head; poetic, considering Riley decapitated him and all of his family members.

"...Are you girls alright?"

"Y… yes?"

Riley could then hear James talking to Aita and the others as his head rolled across the cold hard ground; only stopping as his long white hair was caught between the gaps of rubble and stones.


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