552 Chapter 552: Presentation (2)

"You killed Aerith? Is it because of her infidelity?"

"No, accidentally. I told you, he died from my blind rage and the inhabitants of Earth could be quite… fragile."


Lucien's breaths were nothing but a whisper, and yet everyone listened to him; not wanting to miss even a single hum that escapes his mouth.

Lucien, however, was silent for some reason as he looked at the bailiff; his eyes, staring at the orb he was holding. And finally, after a few more breaths, Lucien broke his silence.

"So, since you are from this… Earth. What exactly are you a half of? You don't quite look like Aerith's bastard."

"No," Riley shook his head, "I am different from them, always was."

"Are you perhaps an evaniel?" Lucien asked; his eyes, still completely focused on the orb.

"No," Riley once again shook his head as he stretched his arms to the side, "My other half is the shadows, the void…the darkness itself."


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