548 Chapter 548: Old

"We told you, Lord Riley. You are not allowed to see or wait for Her Highness here. Please go back to the surface, you will be able to see Her Highness during the trial."

"I would like to stay here, Helguard."

"That is not possible, Lord. Her Highness won't come out of her room until the trial.

"I thought themarians do not believe in prisons, other Helguard?"

"...You can't stay here, Lord Riley. You have already been standing there for 5 hours straight, Lord Riley."

"Because I want to be the first person Aerith sees, Helguard."

5 hours. With Princess Esme's help, Riley was able to find where they were keeping Aerith. Deep underground, where no light from the surface could ever reach—but as inaccessible as it might sound, it was truly not.


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