541 Chapter 541: Trouble at The First Day

"Why can I not attend your class, Professor Riley? I am one of your original students. This treatment is hardly fair."

"It is out of my control, Princess Esme. A lot of things were out of my control as soon as I landed on Theran."

Riley and Esme were once again in the hallways of the large castle. This time, however, they were clearly no longer lost as they stood in front of a door.

"But why is Zac going in with you?"

"I… I have been ordered to follow Lord Riley as much as I possibly can, Your Highness. I would trade places with you if I could, please believe me."


Princess Esme had heard the deal between Princess Tifa and Riley, about serving as a professor to her daughter, and to her daughter's friends. And of course, as someone who still pretty much considers Riley as her professor, Esme wanted to sit in during the trial class.


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