538 Chapter 538: Descent... To Madness?

"I… We won't forget this!"

Those were the words that roared and soon whispered in the air as the group of men finally left the courtyard; their eyes, glancing back repeatedly and their steps somewhat heavy as they did so.

The one that caused them to run frantically, however, could not seem to care less about them as she just stood with a blank expression on her face. She, however, seemed to be enjoying standing directly behind Riley. And with the difference in their height, Riley almost looked like a neglected child; the blood scattered on his face and long white hair did not help.

"..." Riley then once again looked up at Esme, who already had a growing smile on her face.

"How did I do, Professor Riley?" Esme then said as she looked down, "Did you think my threat was effective? I tried to involve their family as you taught us in class."

"That was a warning, Princess Esme," Riley just blinked before looking away.


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