494 Chapter 494: Enter Player Three


"How do we even kill this thing!?"

"Try to snipe its face!"

"Did you see what happened when Moira tried to cut it!? She got blown away!"

Somewhere in the Bloodcruiser's vast and spacious hangar, 6 of Xra's main fighters were currently surrounding some sort of… thick corrugated pillar—no. Perhaps a 'tree' is the better word to describe the weird structure. But instead of a wood-like color, its texture was more akin to that of cement.

A tree made of concrete.

An impenetrable concrete, that is.

Xra's crew had been trying to cut the tree down, but all they could really do was scratch it, but even that heals after a second. The tree attached itself to the floor, all the way to the ceiling; its roots, unmovable.


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