454 Chapter 454: The First Dance

"Mommy is back."

Alice no longer understood what was going on— whether what was happening right now was an illusion, or just her mind once again playing tricks on her and showing her visions and memories not really hers.

But it didn't matter.

Illusion or insanity, whatever it was, the only thing that matters right now was that she was hugging her son— she was finally seeing Riley again how she left him; she was finally hugging her baby.

"Why mommy cry?"

"..." Alice very gently placed Riley on the floor, before lightly pinching his slightly chubby cheeks, "Because Riley is so cute."

"..." The edges of baby Riley's unusually wide lips quickly turned down as he heard her mother's words. Alice was about to panic, but before she could do so, Riley's frown suddenly turned into a smile, "I cry because mommy is also cute!"


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