Villain Retirement

16 years old-- most boys would be falling in love, as their hormones all rise to unprecedented levels. Riley, however, at age 16... killed the world's number 1 superhero. Warning: MC is in the spectrum. Very Edgy.

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Chapter 451: This is Me

"...What's up?"

"I remember you hitting my clone in the face, mother."

"...I guess? I... wasn't in the right state of mind."


"What do you want, mother?"

"To get to know you."

"What can you tell me about the entity resting in the void?"

"I… don't really know anything about it, besides seeing it before… before I hurt you, and then after when I died. But everything is hazy, like a dream. I can't really tell you mu—"

"Hm. Then interest for you stops here, mother. If that's all, then I will take my leave."


And just like that, the grains of sand that had finally known peace were once again thrown into chaos as the entire beach practically started to change form. Almost like tendrils, the sands began to crawl on top of each other before— only stopping as it completely encompassed Alice and Riley.