448 Chapter 448: Expanding the Family Business


Vera found herself once again surrounded by the holograms of the Elders. This time, however, she could not force herself to be stoic or look disciplined as her eyes slightly trembled upon looking at the 6 holograms around her.

The Elders, as always, did not notice the anxiousness on her face as they seemed to be lost in their own world— most not even looking at her; either talking to other people or fidgeting with a weird gadget.

[What is it now, Princess of the Evaniels?]

The Grand Elder, as always, was the first to speak as his blurry silhouette leaned forward from his chair, "Have the Guardians and Elder Zora arrived at the planet yet?"

"The Guardians are dead."


And with those words, the Elders that were otherwise preoccupied all quickly turned their heads to Vera. The Grand Elder turned his head to the other Elders, before once again focusing on Vera,

[Were they killed by Riley Ross?]


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