442 Chapter 442: The Weakest


"I… I'm just guessing."

The more information Princess Vera receives regarding Riley Ross, the less she actually knows. She had heard from Riley himself that he actually had dozens of abilities; some, he hasn't even used once since he didn't really need to.

And so far, the only powers that Riley has showcased in front of her were his monstrous telekinesis, as well as his weird cloning abilities. Although Riley's telekinetic prowess was beyond shocking, there is actually an entire race of telekinetics out there— it was a common ability.

The cloning, however, was something that she had never seen before. It was like a hive mind— but at the same time, Riley didn't need to give birth again and again to use it. And if Vera was right… then it wasn't really originally Riley's ability.

Perhaps even more so than everything else, his abilities showed what the people of this planet were truly capable of.


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