336 Chapter 336: Contact

"I knew it! I knew there was something wrong here!"


Paragon watched as Empress started walking around his now ruined office. She didn't seem to care that she made a mess at all; grabbing one of the sofas she caused to tumble to the floor when she rushed towards Paragon and placing it upright, sitting on it while surrounded by everything else she destroyed.

"Aerith wouldn't just suddenly come back out of nowhere and then conveniently find someone like you," Empress repeatedly let out sighs, enough to fill Paragon's office with her breaths, "I knew something was also up when I asked Dom what else he had to do for Aerith. He also forged your identity!"


"But why… why would he bring another Themarian here?" Empress then turned her head towards Paragon,

"What are you doing here?"

"You should ask Aerith that."

"Wait… is she your real mother?"


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