Villain Retirement

16 years old-- most boys would be falling in love, as their hormones all rise to unprecedented levels. Riley, however, at age 16... killed the world's number 1 superhero. Warning: MC is in the spectrum. Very Edgy.

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Chapter 296: A Darkness Building Inside Her

"W… what the hell is that!?"

"What's going on!?"

In one of the cities somewhere in South East Asia, a big, black worm-like creature was wreaking havoc– mowing down everything within its path. It was almost the size of a train; digging through the ground and treating the asphalt almost like sand as it swam.

The heroes were previously trying to stop it, but then just focused on evacuating the people instead when they realized that the worm was targeting the blue aliens. Of course, some still tried to push it away from its path since it was also killing people and destroying property– but they truly were understaffed to handle such threats.

The worm came from the skies– and like with the colossal robot that wreak havoc in the west, it was another sort of biological machine by the clovians.