270 Chapter 270: A Pity

VR 270

"You're going to be my 3rd Subordinate."

"3rd… Subordinate?"

"People who serve under me, Miss Hera. Following my every order."

"You… have people?"

Besides their breaths, the silence of the dry land was the only thing that whispered in the air. Well, if you consider the sizzle that came from the sun as it boiled the rocks on the ground a sound, then perhaps the silence might have been filled with noise after all– but it didn't matter.

The only thing that Hera could hear was the thundering drum of her heart as it seemingly wished to burst forth from her trembling chest. But still, she tried to be calm; her breaths, heavy they may be, were not erratic.

Her gaze, afraid she may be, did not leave Riley for even a second. She took a few steps back as Riley let go of her hand; she did not let go of her transformation, however.

"Yes, Miss Hera. I already have a name for you."




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