264 Chapter 264: The Greatest Mistake

"Why… are you suddenly asking me about both your mothers?"

"Because I gained information in prison that Diana and Alice may have known each other while Alice was in prison."

"This… is the first I heard of that."

"Diana Ross might also be a super, Miss Empress."


Even with the wind that was violently blowing through her face, The confusion and surprise in Empress's voice could still be heard clearly and cleanly. If there was land that she could probably land on below the skies, then she would have probably already fallen from the sudden revelation she just heard.

Diana Ross… a super?

"You… heard that from prison?" Empress almost stuttered her words.

"Yes, Miss Empress," Riley nodded; his still hair, almost a contrast to Empress's hair which almost shivered from the resistance of the violent gust, "That is why I can not fully trust the information. After all, the prison is filled with liars."


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