254 Chapter 254: The Symbol

"Holy shit."

"What in my demonic ancestor's titties is that!?"

Murmurs, whispers, and screams all scattered around parts of New York, almost assembling to make an orchestra that only sang chaos. Everyone that was near or had a view of the Hero Association Tower had their mouths agape, most of them had their phones up, pointing at the big metal box that was floating in the air.

At first, those who were near the Tower all panicked as they saw a huge part of the building separating and breaking away from it; they thought that their worries were finally materializing– a villain has finally targeted the Hero Association Tower.

And they, who just happened to be near the Tower, were the ones to pay the price. But seeing as not even a single speck of dust dropped from the building and nothing ever happened even after a minute except for the giant metal box separating, their worries disappeared– replaced by enough curiosity that it made them excited.


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