249 Chapter 249: The Hero Association

"This… is the Hero Association?"


Riley was currently in front of a tall building– No. Perhaps referring to it as tall was an understatement, the Hero Association towered over every other building within its vicinity. But of course, Riley has already expected it due to what the others have been calling it since earlier– The Hero Association Tower.

Riley's eyes then scanned the surrounding areas, only to see a crowd of people looking and staring at him; more than a hundred of them since the Hero Association Tower was right in the middle of the city.

Why would they even build something like this here, when it would be easily targeted by villains and whoever wanted to do so? If Riley was still donning the mantle of Darkday, then all it would take was to drop a mountain and the Hero Association would be done for.

"Are you wondering why they built it here?"


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