248 Chapter 248: Arrival

"Yee… Naaldlooshi?"

Riley stared at Tsula for a few seconds; letting only the sound of dust that was falling from Tsula's silhouette whisper in the air. But finally, after a few more breathes, Tsula decided to be the one to break the silence.

"A skin-walker, child," Tsula muttered; a sense of disdain and utter disgust coming from her voice.

"Mother… is a mythological creature?" Riley then placed his hand on his chin, "I suppose that makes the most sense, Miss Tsula. Mother always had the strength to throw father if he wished to. She is also the only person I know that is capable of subduing and stopping Hannah at will."


"But for her to be a literal monster, it would seem that I have underestimated the secrets that my adoptive family held," Riley nodded, "That would also explain how she could be with father– only a mythological creature of that renown could stay with someone like him."




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