245 Chapter 245: Yakovich's Sighs



"Are we… going?"

V was currently clinging to Riley's arm.; her face, still filled with the smile that she had since moments ago even though they have been standing in front of their house for… almost an entire hour now.

As always, there were completely no other people besides them outside. For some reason, however, some of the houses that were near their house had cracks in them– could it be that a fight went on here without them knowing? V thought.

"Yes. I am just waiting for warden Yakovich, Victoria," Riley muttered as he remained still on his spot, not even moving a single inch.

"Waiting?" V slightly squinted her eyes, "Shouldn't we just go to him? How would he know you're looking for him if we don't find him first?"

"I believe he knows we are waiting for him, Victoria," Riley then turned his head towards one of the surveillance cameras that still had a red beeping light on it,


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