Villain Retirement

16 years old-- most boys would be falling in love, as their hormones all rise to unprecedented levels. Riley, however, at age 16... killed the world's number 1 superhero. Warning: MC is in the spectrum. Very Edgy.

Romeru · Urban
Not enough ratings
1080 Chs

Chapter 180: The Mortal and the Sun God

"Steve and I met when Whiteking introduced him to the Hope Guild… he thought I was a woman."

Bulwark's soft but gentle chuckle echoed through the entire church. And with his voice carrying the tone of neither that of a man or a woman, the sound he produced almost felt like a wonderful song. His eyes, however, were filled with a certain melancholy as he looked at Prophet's face on the video that he left for him.

"Of course, he wasn't the first one to think I was a woman," Bulwark's chuckle soon turned into a small peal of laughter, "I've had many partners across the world and across the time I have lived. Women, men, even beast…

…but there has always been something special about Steve. And I knew… I knew he didn't kill himself. So thank you, thank you for bringing this to me."