10 Chapter 10: Serpent Strike [2]

"Hello there, your name is Lucifer, correct?" The cute elven woman with a deep cleavage and long green robes of various flowers asked him, tapping on the strange grimoire-like object hovering on the wide table filled with different numbers and images.

The images were all the items and body parts that the guild accepted, and the number's price for each and the screen was the technology created by a past magister who wanted to make the grimoire's ability and power his own.

"I'm Fel! In charge of all your monster parts and quest hand-ins!"

Ultimately he failed, but the device he created would now be used by the church, guild and various merchants to take orders and store client information and other secret data.

Her voluptuous body swayed as she leaned against the black table, swirling a strange knife with three serrated blades around her fingers with dexterous movements, her face filled with delight as she looked at Lucifer from his head to toe.

"Mmmm, great body, especially down there..." The moment she spoke, her eyes glowed a powerful golden colour.

'Tsk, this woman is so sneaky.' Her sight could see through almost all enchantments and was a skill only elves could be born with. So most serious organisations would have one or two elves to ensure they were not being conned or tricked.

"I have some items to hand in if possible?"

He didn't want to waste too much time with this woman looking at his cock brazenly while trying to test him. Lucifer slammed down a bag of 30 wolf fangs; thankfully, all the wolf's fangs were helpful, but he could only carry this many in his makeshift pouch back in the Fae forest.

This woman was a church member, and although she acted loose and slutty, she was an inquisitor passing information to the church on adventurers in secret.

This is how they found the [Hero] so early on, latching themselves to Irina, his childhood friend, making her a saintess, so he was bound to the church.

"Oh? A little nasty... but I like it; handsome men get my best service! Mwah!"

'Keep being annoying, don't make me force you into my servitude!'

Instantly, when he didn't respond to her teasing or flirt with her as most would, she stopped becoming cold, grabbing the leather bag and opening it, checking the amount and quality in seconds, thanks to her glowing eyes.

"Mmmm, 30 wolf fangs... decent quality... 30 copper pieces."

She quickly tapped the black screen as a small magic circle made of purple, blue and white with several triangles and pentagrams.

With a whisp of smoke, an object began to materialise before rattling on the table.

A small box appeared with 30 shiny copper coins from the guild's treasury, buried deep underground, and protected by countless magical seals and solid walls.

"Here~ take this. It's a service on the house; do please cum again! fufu!" Fel reached into her cleavage, flashing her dark red cherries to Lucifer as he glimpsed over before she handed him a small item back with a mischievous smile as she finally got him to react to her body looking down at his crotch.

'Damn... elves... They are all cock teases!'

This woman was a character that seemed she might be a sub-heroine for some scenes teasing and flirting with the [Hero], but she didn't even though she followed the party to each guild! Ultimately, she betrays him.

She is revealed to be a servant of the 72nd Lord later in the game and deeply obsessed with him, despite her constant flirting and slutty actions. Sadly, she fails in her plot and dies to the Hero's sword alone in lonely ruins.

'Well, nothing to do with me...' He thought, grabbing the item bag, which could hold up to 99 of each type of delivery item. It was given to all adventurers upon their first turn-in and had nothing to do with her coming on to him.

Although most young adventurers would fall for it only to die in a dark lonely alleyway.

Lucifer only briefly checked the quest board and took two missions before rushing out the door, wanting to buy a new weapon that suited his choices and a nice outfit.

His face was 12/10, but his clothes were 1/10 at best.

As he jogged to the Western part of town, he lifted his left arm, wanting to make sure and pick the choices he wanted.

He needed to pick a weapon type that suited him before thinking about his race, future title or the class he picked at level 10.

'I don't like knives... That night if there were no knives...'

Lucifer's reason for disliking knives was simple; they took the life of a close friend when they were 19 years old, going to their first club; because he was the eldest of the bunch, he felt responsible for their protection, but in the middle of the dance floor, one of his friends liked a girl, and they began dancing together.

It wasn't until several hours after they'd kissed and felt each other's entire bodies that a group of men entered, dressed in black and hooded, before they started to attack his friend.

Despite rushing over to help when Lucifer and the other's got to the now empty dancefloor, Simon was bleeding profusely and holding the knife that penetrated his gut.

He couldn't forget the sensation of his friend's hand growing weak, the blood that seemed endless and still pumping out, but the medics said he was gone and there was nothing they could do.

Lucifer stood in his drunken stupor shouting, "He's still bleeding; how can he be dead? It's pumping out... help him!"

A stupid attempt to deal with the loss and the last time Lucifer ever went to drink in a club.

Shaking his head at the dark memories, he opened the grimoire.

Every 5 levels, he could change one existing skill to another of the same type and learn an entirely new skill.

After thinking about it all night, he decided to become like his favourite type of character, the dragoon knights from the last fantasy and the warriors of wuwu from Romance of the four kingdoms.

[Name: Lucifer]

[Level: 7]

[Race: Vampire]

[Status: Good(Physical Stats Halved)]

[STR: 6]

[AGL: 4]

[STA: 3]

[VIT: 3]

[INT: 4]

[CHA: 8]


[Vampiric Drain(Novice)] [Vampiric Bite(Novice)]


[Dagger Skill(Novice)][Lesser Vampire][Ignore Pain][Mind Resistance]


Tapping several times, the grimoire created a mist-like blue and white cloud with the red words written.

[Do you wish to accept these changes?

[Serpent Strike (Novice)]

[Dagger Skill(Novice] -> [Polearm Mastery (Novice)]

His reason for this was mainly that although the draining and dagger skill was beneficial now, in the future, some monsters and creatures would kill him with a single swipe or attack if he didn't evade them well enough.

Not only his personal preference but also something he was passionate about; in the past, he bought a replica of the [Green Dragon Crescent Blade] but also wanted to collect the spear used by the fearsome demon lord Lu Bao who killed almost entire armies with his twin-bladed crescent spear, that was more like a halberd with a long spear blade attached!

'Well, I know what the mastery does; it's just a damage skill and will help me learn the basics and novice techniques faster while adjusting my posture, muscle growth and ability with all weapons in this category. Spear, Halberd, Poleaxe, almost any medium to long range weapons.'

Lucifer's eyes looked at the skill he chose; before selecting, you could only see a brief preview of the skills. His knowledge was limited because the Hero couldn't change his primary weapon, a 1h sword and nothing else.

Walking onto the smooth roads with stone pavements and pebbles, he felt comfortable before suddenly a massive influx of information entered his mind, causing him to stumble, holding his hands around his forehead as the aching pain almost knocked him out.






Information, footwork, countless images, examples and figures performing these moves endlessly.

Lucifer's body began moving, following the five basic principles of the spear in his mind, as his body in the real world also began to shift in a dark path between the blacksmith and a small armourer.

More than 30 minutes passed as he stood panting, a feat typically difficult for a vampire as his body was filled with cold sweat, his muscles physically aching, but Lucifer seemed to have changed slightly.

His eyes were more focused and piercing, maybe a little menacing; his feet were spread a certain distance apart, his hips and spine straight with shoulders pulled back, a better posture than even the gurus in his past life.

[Serpent Strike] - Strike with an elegant and lunging thrust of up to 4 metres, avoiding deadly attacks while countering with a brutal killing blow.

[Polearm Mastery (Novice)] Your skills with all spear-type weapons, damage defence, and posture are improved! A secret bonus was added for your passion! Fixed your mentality for battle and enhanced your focus, body and knowledge to increase our spearman's future journey!

'How did it fix my mentality... That is worrying; who is this voice anyway? It can't be Celestia... She doesn't get revealed until the last boss dies...'

A plume of red and black smoke puffed from his grimoire with the gentle laugh of a girl's voice, cheeky but adorable.


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