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Villain Of The Ages


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Ling Tianzun, he was hailed as a hero in his previous life. The Greatest General in all realms of mortals. Enemies shudder in fear, chaos unfold in his wake. The battlefield is his home, the battle cry of war is music in his ears. He was betrayed by the King and his Court whom he served for the longest due to a mere jealousy of his unparalled cultivation. Accused for treason and executed. Ling Tianzun sworn for revenge. Not to the King who betrayed him, but the Fate itself! For no longer he strode upon the earth as a human. And as a Demon he shall become! ========= Disclaimer. MC will start as an infant, gaining power as the get go. For the first 50 ish chapter might be boring for some readers. And will get better from chapter 50+ after the MC is grown enough. if you expecting exponential plot, fast pacing progress, this might not for you. ====== No Yuri, No NTR, No Yaoi. Harem? Maybe, we will see together how the story goes. Heroine will never cheat the MC. Thats all for now


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