Villain of my own novel

Eshwar is the name of the author who transmigrated into his own novel after his death. Eshwar’s death was caused by his own magic which he had yet to control. Why? because I didn't think I would seriously die!!!! Anyway.... my novel's protagonist is a selfish person. why you ask? because I wrote him and I wanted him to be like me. Muhahahaha, ha. I reincarnated into my novel! and that to as a villain who dies in the first half, will I stand still and die? Of course not, I may have reincarnated as a villain but its not like I will live like he did. I'll live my life as I want! and kill all the other villains. Why? because I love the world I created, hahaha, ha.... (real reason: I love to fight.), who else will get the chance to look at the world they have created? System I created is messed up for some reason and is doing everything on its own!!??? we'll see how it turns out with everything messed up, well(sigh...) Oh, but because i have reincarnated as a villain, I got a new problem and that is, I'm handsome (sparkles), I have to say, handsome people have their own problems. ==== SLOW START. [VOL 1 INTRODUCTION: MAYBE CONFUSING, BUT EVERYTHING WILL COME TOGETHER IN THE LATER CHAPTERS.] ==== I don't know who the artist of the cover is, but if you want me to remove it, you can ask me to do so(T-T)! Credits for the artist. And, Thank you for reading!!!!

_Eshwar_ · Fantasy
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394 Chs


'NO. No, my assistant professor!'

No, no I can't give up like this, I need an assistant professor. F**k it, I at least need to the reason why her face suddenly twisted in disgust, I clenched my fist as I made up my mind that I WILL make her my assistant professor.

"Um, I'll be waiting outside, please talk to me for a moment after this is over."

She walked inside without even looking at me.

"The f**k was that?" I mumbled to myself.

'Did she perhaps think I was asking on a date? Or does she take me for a pervert' I need to know why she looked at me in disgust.

"Haa." I scratched the back of my head and walked back out of Switch with a glum expression, I didn't even do anything. So unfair.

I walked out of Switch, determined to make her my assistant professor. I waited for her as I'm stubborn and persistent person.

After a few hours, the sun began to set, so I removed my blazer and leaned forward on my bike. An hour and a half passed, and she still did not come out.

"Haa." I sighed and thought maybe I should just leave for today.


I heard a dry laugh, I turned to face the voice, and there stood a beautiful woman with black hair and obsidian black eyes, the sunlight shone on her, allowing her look breathtakingly beautiful.

'Woah' I just stood there in a daze looking at her, sweat formed on her forehead. I snapped out of my daze when I noticed her sweating and realized she was terrified of me.


I'm not sure why she was afraid of me; perhaps it was a misunderstanding, but I parked my bike, removed my helmet, and decided to go talk to her and clear things up.

I turned to look back at her and noticed that she had disappeared from where she had been standing. I turned to look in the other direction and saw her hurryingly walking away.

"Ah shit."

I hurriedly sat on my bike and decided to go near her and talk.


"Um, excuse me!"

"Please wait!"

"There seems to be a misunderstanding!" I yelled on top of lungs and accelerated.


I drove next to her as she was hurriedly walking away.

"I wanted to hire you as my assistant professor!" I yelled, fortunately she stopped this time.

"Oi, stop shouting."

"Oi, go keep your love quarrels somewhere else."


Some guys yelled from across the street and people around were looking at us weirdly.

"Haha, sorry about that." I said it loudly. 'These bastards.' And cursed at them inwardly.

Hahaha.... you can't yell at everyone you know, and it's not because I'm afraid or anything, but because it gets too annoying. I ignored them and drove slowly towards her; her ears were a little red, so she must have heard what they said.

"Ahem.... I can't say it here, if you can say where you live,"

She turned to face me and glared at me, I knew why but,

"I can drop you.... ahem... only if you are comfortable with it."

"..." She didn't say anything and just stared at me.

She glanced at my bike, looked at me, and put her arm out, palm up.



We both didn't say anything and looked at each other, I understood what she was doing.

"Haa." I sighed, her eyes twinkled as I handed her my keys, I shook my head with a small smile, she walked towards my bike with a bright face, she looked like a kid looking at her favorite toy, she sat and started the bike.


She flinched at the sound.

"Hahahaha." I chuckled; her face turned red, I walked towards my bike ready to sit.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Eh?" I looked at her face; she was smiling mischievously at me; I paled as I realized what she was about to do.

"NO. No, no, no, this is my bike though."

"RUN." she said with a smile on her face, I was one terrified this time.

"Hahaha." I let out a dry laugh.

Some women standing around us chuckled and gave her a thumbs up.




"Is.....this...where you...live?"

'I live in this hotel too.' I thought as I looked at the hotel where she stopped, while gasping for air, I ran about twenty kilometers without stopping, I don't even know why I was compiling with everything she said but she said not to use mana, of course I was tired and was about to drop on the ground, if she doesn't agree to be my assistant professor then see what I'll do, I glanced at her as calmly took off the helmet as she parked.

"Y-you... demon!"

She looked at me with a bright smile on her face; it was supposed to be a beautiful smile, but it terrified me, she walked towards me and held out my bike keys.

"Here." she said.

"Now go home; we'll discuss what you wanted to say tomorrow." She said this while shaking the keys she was holding out. I snatched the keys from her hands, she turned around and began to walk away, towards the elevator.

"Oi, what's your name?"


She turned to face me with the 'You didn't know?' expression, and I shook my head as I realized what she was thinking. She approached me, stood in front of me.

"Hello, I'm Isha Walker."

"... I'm Eshwar Frost."

We walked towards the elevator and I suddenly remembered that I have nothing to contact her, but I can call her from the hotel reception if she's in this hotel or go to the academy to find her but still, I decided to ask once.

"Can get something to contact you?"


We walked silently and stood next to each other while waiting for the elevator; she looked at me but said nothing.


We entered the elevator, I pressed the <31F> button, turned to ask her which floor she was on, and noticed that she was looking at me strangely. I had no idea why but she was staring at me as if I were her stalker.

"Haaa, which floor?" I sighed and asked her.


She didn't respond and just stood there silently, and I sighed as I remembered running to the hotel where I was staying; if I had known she was in the same hotel, I would have contacted the hotel and asked them to pick me up instead of running all the way here. My suit is drenched in sweat.

"Dammit." I mumbled as I looked at my shirt.


When the elevator began to move, I turned to face her, and she continued to stare at me strangely.

"How do you know which floor I'm on?" she said in inaudible voice, as I was concerned about why she was staring at me weirdly I couldn't hear her properly.

"Huh?" I asked in confusion.

".... at least say which floor you are on." I asked helplessly.

"Floor 31" she said.


I stared at her blankly, does she not understand my language or is she playing dumb?

"No, I didn't ask what I have pressed, I asked which floor you were staying on."

"Same." She said in a low voice.


We walked side by side, neither of us spoke, my room number was [607], I stopped at my room as she walked past me, she stood at the next room [608] and looked at me, our eyes met.

'Really?' I thought and I noticed she had the same expression as if she were asking me the same question.

""Haa."" We both sighed together.


We walked in to our rooms without saying anything.

A furnished white room with a large king-sized bed in the center and a bathroom to the right of the bed. I threw my blazer on the bed, grabbed a towel, and went to the shower first.


I returned from the shower with my hair dripping, grabbed a comfy t-shirt and pants, put them on, and jumped on my bed while my hair was still wet., I quickly dozed off because I was exhausted from all of the running.


Isha entered her furnished white room, which featured a large king-sized bed in the center and a bathroom to the right of the bed. Isha walked happily towards her bed and jumped on it.

"The bike ride was nice." She thought.

She recalled today's events and realized she had misunderstood something about him; despite the fact that it was the first time they met, it didn't feel uncomfortable; rather, it felt like she was meeting with someone she had known for a long time.

'To think he was in the same hotel.' She thought as she remembered the things, she did to him.

Her lips twitched and curled up into a smile.

''What was his…... ah Eshwar Frost." She mumbled out.

"I wanted to hire you as my assistant professor."

She remembered something he said on the way back to the hotel. 'Why me?' she pondered. She drew the pillow to her face and closed her eyes, knowing she could ask him for the details later.