4 Chapter 4: Do You Want Me To Be Responsible?

Immediately Ling Xue struck while the iron was hot: "Now that my cultivation has recovered, within the Divine Origin Realm, I am invincible!"

Yun Luoxi, who was lying on the bed, looked at Ling Xue's proud face.

At this moment, she had to believe that what Ling Xue said now was true.

In this case, as long as what Ling Xue said is not particularly exaggerated, she will basically think it is true!

So, of course she thinks that Ling Xue is invincible in the same realm.

And the moment she had this idea, Ling Xue suddenly felt a great change in her body.

Although the realm has not improved, but in all aspects, it is much stronger than the previous moment.

Now, he is not only in the Divine Origin Realm.

And within the Divine Origin Realm, he is invincible!

Ling Xue continued to strike while the iron was hot: "Back then, my father deliberately planted a seal in my body, just to make my already extreme talent even stronger! Now that I have directly broken through to the Divine Origin Realm, it is not in vain for all these years of forbearance!"

Yun Luoxi stared at Ling Xue.

She had to believe that Ling Xue was actually an eternal monster.

After all, reality is in front of us!

A twenty-year-old Shenyuanjing, it seems that such a person has never appeared in history, right?

So, he was indeed forbearing all the time!

He is not a good-for-nothing young master of the demon sect as everyone says.

And the moment Yun Luoxi had this thought, Xue felt as if his blood vessels had been opened up and instantly activated.

At this moment, his sensitivity to the aura of heaven and earth has instantly increased countless times.

His cultivation talent has already surpassed all the people in history that Yun Luoxi knew!

There was a smile on the corner of Ling Xue's mouth again, this feeling was refreshing from head to toe!

It can be said that it is as cool as when I pressed Yun Luoxi before...

With the strength, there is also the talent.

Such a wave of fat is simply joyful!

"Devil! Return my beloved apprentice!!!"

At this moment, an angry voice suddenly came from outside.


Yun Luoxi, who was lying on the bed, suddenly changed expression.

She could tell that the voice was her master coming.

"That old lady finally found out that you were carried away by me!"

Ling Xue looked at Yun Luoxi, then smiled and said, "It's a pity, she came late!"

Yun Luoxi stared at Ling Xue without saying a word.

She just swears in her heart at this moment.

This life and Ling Xue are irreconcilable!

Sooner or later, he will be torn to pieces!

Immediately afterwards, Ling Xue directly hugged Yun Luoxi.

"What are you doing?" Yun Luoxi frowned suddenly.

"Since I have already borrowed it, of course I will return you!" Ling Xue smiled faintly.

"You...can't you get me dressed first?" Yun Luoxi said angrily.

This bastard, did he do it on purpose?

I'm not wearing anything now, so you just wrapped me in a quilt and carried me out?

If others saw it, wouldn't I lose all my innocence?

Unexpectedly, the corner of Ling Xue's mouth curled up into a smirk: "Trouble!"

It is to let the whole world know that you are my woman.

Also let that idiot protagonist know that you are my woman!

If the protagonist knew about this, would he die of anger?

After saying that, Ling Xue actually walked out with Yun Luoxi in his arms.

"Ling Xue, let me go, get dressed for me..." Yun Luoxi struggled and growled.

Unfortunately, useless.

Ling Xue carried her out just like that!

At this time, Xiao Xiao was still standing outside.

When she saw Yun Luoxi who was carried out by Ling Xue, when she saw Yun Luoxi who was wrapped in a quilt and exposed her snow-white shoulders.

She knew that what should happen has already happened!

Immediately, her eye circles turned red.

woo woo woo...

Sure enough, sure enough, the young master just likes this woman.

Sure enough, the young master has already favored this woman.

What should I do?

Will the young master no longer want himself anymore?

By the way, why hasn't the young master touched himself all this time?

Is it because you are too young?

Wouldn't it be better to be smaller...

"You... what did you do to my apprentice?"

At this moment, there was a loud shout from above the sky.

I saw a burst of streamer coming, stopping above the high sky.

It was a luxurious woman in a golden dress.

It is also Yun Luoxi's master, the suzerain of Lingxu Sect.

Liu Wenwan!

A top powerhouse in the Divine Origin Realm.


At this time, Yun Luoxi, who was held in Ling Xue's arms, also looked at Liu Wenwan with powerless and ashamed eyes.

Not to mention being played by others, but still so blatantly hugging her out!

What a shame!

"Asshole! Asshole!!!"

When Liu Wenwan saw Yun Luoxi, her expression turned cold instantly, and her furious voice resounded through the sky.

Of course she could see that her lover had already lost her virginity!

Originally, Yun Luoxi was in retreat, but she suddenly found that Yun Luoxi was gone.

After some investigation, it was discovered that it was at the magic gate.

She has arrived at full speed, but unfortunately, it is still too late!

It was still defiled by the demon head of the Demon Sect!

"Bastard! This sect killed you!"

The next moment, Liu Wenwan just waved her sleeves, and a stream of sword flow burst out towards Ling Xue below.


But at this moment, a ghostly green shadow shot over.

On the palm of the hand, the dark green aura condensed crazily, turning into a light shield, blocking Liu Wenwan's sword!

"Sect Master of the Lingxu Sect, not to mention trespassing on my Demon Sect, but you still want to kill my Demon Sect Young Master?"

The person who shot was Xiaoxiangyu.

Usually she doesn't make a move, and neither does the people from their Demon Sect.

But if someone wants to touch their young master, then the entire Demon Sect, which is now in disarray, must join hands to protect Ling Xue.

After all, Ling Xue is also the young master of the Demon Sect!

I can't tolerate others saying kill and kill!

"Take a good look at what good things the young masters of your demon sect have done!"

Liu Wenwan scolded angrily: "If he doesn't pay the price today, our Lingxu Sect will not give up!"

Ordinary little things, if you can bear it, you can bear it.

After all, he is the young master of the Demon Sect!

Although the Demon Sect is now in decline, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, and ordinary people are still not easy to provoke.

But, today this is no small matter!

That is her apprentice, she is the saint of Lingxu Sect!

Being defiled by this devil like this, this matter can't just pass like this!

Xiao Xiangyu turned her head slightly, looking down at Ling Xue, and Yun Luoxi in Ling Xue's arms.

Know what happened without even thinking about it.

Alas, this young master is really real!

Who is wrong to mess with the saint of the Lingxu Sect?

It's a bit troublesome now!

But there is no way, he is the young master after all, and he must be protected after all!

"I didn't say I'm not responsible for her!"

At this moment, Ling Xue said: "Of course, if she doesn't want me to be responsible, then I can't help it!"

While speaking, with a playful smile on the corner of her mouth, she looked down at Yun Luoxi in her arms: "Do you want me to be responsible?"

"Go to hell!"

Yun Luoxi gritted her teeth.

This kind of question can be asked, how shameless?

At this time, the answer to Ling Xue's question is undoubtedly unsolvable.

Make him responsible? Still don't want him to be responsible?

Regardless of the answer, the winner is Ling Xue!

"Look, she doesn't want me to be responsible, so what can I do?"

Ling Xue immediately grinned: "I will return it to you!"

After all, he rose into the air little by little.

Holding Yun Luoxi in her arms, she came to Liu Wenwan.

But such a scene caused Liu Wenwan's complexion to change instantly!

Xiao Xiangyu behind was also taken aback, with an unprecedented shock in her beautiful eyes.

Of course there is still excitement: "Young master???"

What's happening here?

He actually... stepped on the void and came up?

Doesn't he have no cultivation base at all?

What exactly is going on?

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