Villain MMORPG: Almighty Devil Emperor and His Seven Demonic Wives

Allen, the legendary player "Godlike", finds himself thrust into the revolutionary fulldive VRMMORPG Hell's Gate's main villain, Azazel. Alongside seven skilled female players, he embarks on a journey filled with unexpected challenges. Confronting his old nemesis and countless players, Allen delves deep into the shadows of his own dark past. Soon, he becomes entangled in a complex web of new relationships and past betrayals. His companions develop feelings for him, not only in the virtual world but also in real life. Balancing his affection for his wives, the chaos of the battlefield, and his thirst for revenge, Allen sets out to attain everything he desires. The legendary player has returned once again, not as the hero but as the villain. He shall claim the title of ultimate villain! ---------------------- Each one of his subordinates represent seven deadly sins: Nefaris (Vampire) -> Pride // Player: Larissa Lullaby (Siren) -> Sloth // Player: Shea Lilieth (Succubus) -> Lust // Player: Vivian Eira (Fox Demon) -> Wrath // Player: Bella Selena (Witch) -> Envy // Player: Alice Abyssia (Kraken) -> Gluttony // Player : Zoe Grimora (Necromancer) -> Greed // Player: Jane -------------------------- Join my discord channel for illustrations: https://discord.gg/mSRHyMVhnG Bonus Chapters! *600 Power Stone = 1 bonus chapter *400 Golden Ticket= 1 bonus chapter *Magic Castle= 2 bonus chapters *Space Craft= 4 bonus chapters Important Note: No NTR, No Yuri, No rape, the relationship will go both in the game and real world. Tags: Mature Content , R-18 , Gore, Comedy , Revenge, Face Slapping, Monster Girls , Succubus , Magic , Demons , Devil , Beasts , Action , Mystery , Overpowered , Harem , System , Servants , Handsome Male Lead , Smart Male Lead and Slice of Life.

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Daddy Material?!

Villain Ch 10. Daddy Material?!

Both of the girls made their way to the seats at the other end of the table, sitting down with a soft rustle of fabric.

"It's a good thing, ya know. You are a good source of Daddy Material," the blonde girl said bluntly with a shrug.

He held his cringe. 'Daddy Material? I'm not married yet,' he thought. But yeah, he held his tongue.

The pink-haired girl spoke up next, her voice as bright as her hair. "Are you a couple? I mean, we all saw what happened in the throne room."

Allen and Vivian both quickly denied the accusation, their faces flushing with embarrassment. "No, we aren't," Vivian said, her voice soft and apologetic.

"It was just a misunderstanding," Allen added, hoping to quell any further inquiries.

"I see, so it was also your first time," the pink-haired girl said, her eyes widening with interest. "Is it your fetish?" she asked again.

But before Allen and Vivian answered, the blonde girl poked her friend with her elbow. A warning that she had asked a sensitive thing.

"Sorry, we didn't introduce ourselves earlier," the blonde girl said, offering her hand to Allen. "I'm Bella, and this is Alice." She gestured to her friend.

"It's nice to meet you both," Allen said, once again introducing himself. "I'm Allen."

"And I'm Vivian," Vivian chimed in, trying to lighten the mood a little.

The group settled into a more comfortable conversation, discussing their previous experience in the new game.

The meeting room was abuzz with activity as the conversation between Allen, Vivian, Bella, and Alice continued to flow smoothly. However, their chat was soon interrupted by the arrival of four more girls, who sauntered into the room with an air of confidence and poise.

The first of the new arrivals was a 25-year-old black-haired beauty named Larissa. Her toned body exuded strength and confidence, and she moved with a fluid grace that was mesmerizing to watch. Allen couldn't help but notice the way her eyes sparkled with intelligence and wit, and he found himself drawn to her magnetic energy.

The other two girls who entered the room with Larissa were a mother and daughter duo. The mother, Shea, was a stunning woman with long, flowing hair that glimmered like strands of gold in the light. Her expensive-looking clothes draped elegantly over her lithe figure, and she carried herself with the grace and poise of a queen. Her daughter, Zoe, was about 18 years old, with soft brown hair that framed her delicate features. Her short hair was styled in a chic, modern cut that suited her youthful energy and playful spirit.

The last one was a 24-year-old girl with red medium hair and brown eyes who had a lively and outgoing personality. She looked confident, passionate, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her brown eyes indicated warmth, sincerity, and grounded nature. Her name was Jane.

As Larissa, Jane, Shea, and Zoe settled into their seats, before they could make any real conversation except introduce their name, another woman entered the room. She was in her 30s, with black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, and she wore a sharp business suit that accentuated her lithe figure. A name tag on her lapel revealed her name to be Kafra, and it was clear from her confident demeanor that she was one of the top Game Staff members.

"Hello, everyone," Kafra said as she approached the conference table. "I apologize for the delay. Are you all ready for this meeting? I have a lot to explain, and I don't want to keep you waiting any longer."

The group nodded in unison, their curiosity piqued. They were all eager to learn more about their roles.

"Excellent," Kafra said with a smile. "First things first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kafra, and I am one of the top Game Staff members. I am here to guide you through this game and to help you achieve your goals."

Kafra began to explain the intricacies of the game, the group listened intently. She explained that the game developer had decided to use a real player instead of AI to portray the villain character in the game.

"The villain of this game is our highest selling point," Kafra explained. "We needed a real thrill that would make the players compete to defeat the villains. Our research team tried this on our advanced AI, but it didn't work. Even though we could create an intelligent villain, there was nothing that would spur the players to be the best. Pay to win would be something that would be alluring for the players, which meant it would give the game company more money. With AI, they were just bland villain characters with scripted sentences and actions," she mentioned all the reasons bluntly.

"So, to provide a real gaming experience, we decided to use a real player and make them the villain in this game," Kafra continued. "And out of all the players, you were selected. Your role was not only determined by your score at the training ground but also by your track record in the past."

Kafra read out their track records one by one, and the group was stunned. Most of them had extensive gaming experience, even though their current jobs had nothing to do with games. Even Shea, the beautiful mother had previous gaming experience.

"You see, we needed players who could truly embody the role of the villain and challenge the other players to be their best," Kafra explained. "And based on your track records, we believe that you are the perfect candidate for this role."

As soon as Kafra finished her explanation, the room fell silent. It was Shea who broke the silence, her voice confident as she asked about their compensation.

"Since this is more like a job and all we're going to do is for the company's gain, we should also be getting something out of this right?" she questioned.

Kafra nodded her head, understanding that the group was not just in this for the thrill of the game. She then went on to explain the payment plan, which consisted of a share of the sales of certain in-game items.

The job seemed like a win-win situation for both parties. The company got the thrill they needed for their game, while they got the monetary compensation they deserved.

Kafra continued to explain their duties. They had to participate in the war events at least five times a week, and if the Devil Emperor wasn't online within a week, they would replace him. While the others had a month. As for their contracts, Kafra explained that they would be renewed every year depending on the success of the game.

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