2 Three clans

Wang Jian decided to meet Su Xian.

As of this moment, she was cultivating in a large hall within Wang Jian's mansion. Even though she had begun cultivating a month ago, she had already reached the ninth stage of True Realm.

Naturally, this was all because Wang Jian provided her with many resources to increase her cultivation speed so that he could quickly spend the night with her and acquire her cultivation and talent.

Su Xian felt intense hatred for Wang Jian. She wished to kill him.

However, she held that desire deep within her heart. She had heard Wang Jian's advisor's words and developed a scheme in her mind.

She would pretend to be subservient to Wang Jian and attack him when he comes to spend the night with her. She would castrate him and prevent him from destroying a young woman's life again.

After killing Wang Jian, Su Xian planned to flee for her life. And if she couldn't flee, she would choose to commit suicide.

Her plan was rather good. Unfortunately, Wang Jian's body had changed owners.

When Wang Jian glanced at Su Xian, he saw a strikingly beautiful seventeen-year-old woman with long, jet-black hair that cascaded down her back in loose waves. Her alluring chocolate-brown eyes were deep and enchanting, radiating an air of mystery and intrigue. But it was her impressive bust that often left many speechless, a captivating sight that was hard to miss. Her skin was fair, and her figure was slim and toned, with curves in all the right places, giving her an alluring and sensual aura.

Moving his eyes down, he noticed her chest heaving up and down as she respired. Her bulging bust seemed to tempt Wang Jian into committing a crime.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Jian calmed down. As a reincarnated individual, he thought, 'On Earth, she would have become an influencer with a massive fan following. Unfortunately for her, she is in this world where beauty is secondary while strength and status are more important.'

"Open your eyes, Su Xian!" Wang Jian ordered with a commanding tone.

Su Xian was startled to hear this voice. She hadn't even sensed Wang Jian until he spoke. Her eyes snapped open, and she saw Wang Jian standing before her.

"W-What are you doing here?" She was naturally startled. During the past month, Wang Jian made sure not to disturb Su Xian's cultivation.

Su Xian guessed that this was because Wang Jian wanted to sleep with her and steal her cultivation as quickly as possible.

"This is my mansion. I can naturally come here whenever I want," Wang Jian spoke nonchalantly as he approached Su Xian.

Su Xian instinctively receded and spoke while her voice trembled with fear and anger, "Y-You are disturbing my cultivation. Don't you want me to reach the Spirit Realm as quickly as possible?"

Wang Jian smiled as he gently placed his palm over Su Xian's cheek and caressed it. He spoke, "I didn't realize that you were in such a rush to sleep with me. If so, we can do it now. Although it would be a huge loss, I can bear it."

"W-What?! That's ridiculous!"

[Congratulations, Host. You have successfully frightened the Heroine Su Xian. You obtain 10 Destiny Points.]

Wang Jian internally smiled as he heard this voice. His strategy could work.

The look in Su Xian's eyes stated that she would do anything to kill Wang Jian.

Wang Jian spoke while gazing at her, "From now onwards, you must halt your cultivation and serve me. I recruited you as a maid, but you haven't even served me a cup of tea. Isn't that a waste?"

His tone was forceful, as he didn't seem to be in the mood to hear a complaint.

He had very little time, so he had to make the most of it.

Meanwhile, Su Xian was shaken by this order. Her plan to make Wang Jian pay was ruined.

Wang Jian turned his head and left the hall. A maid soon appeared in the hall and began to guide Su Xian in her duties as a maid.

Su Xian felt greatly humiliated as she was forced to learn those duties. The maid naturally wasn't gentle while teaching Su Xian. She even slapped Su Xian a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Wang Jian smiled happily as he received multiple notifications from the system about earning Destiny Points.

Within two hours, Wang Jian's destiny points reached 200.

"How many points do I require to boost my spirit?" Wang Jian asked aloud.

[1000 points are required to evolve your spirit to the Four-Star Spirit."

Wang Jian sucked a breath of cold air. He didn't think that evolving his spirit would be so expensive.

It's a good thing that Wang Jian had Su Xian as his captive. He could acquire more destiny points from her and also information regarding Lin Feng.

Wang Jian had already questioned the system regarding his interaction with these individuals possessing great providence.

The system gave a detailed response.

[It will be fine as long as Master does not exhibit murderous intent or go beyond their bottom line to the point where they are determined to kill you at the expense of their lives. That will become a trigger point and the World's Essence will instantly do something to protect them. You must greatly shave off their providence so that they lose the protection of the World's Essence.]

This detailed explanation was the primary reason Wang Jian dared to mess around with Su Xian earlier.

He knew that Su Xian would choose to endure as long as he doesn't actually force himself upon her or kill Lin Feng.

This greatly increased his possibilities.

Wang Jian had also instructed his subordinates to find detailed information regarding these tribes.

The leader of these tribes and their members.

His subordinates immediately began to organize information regarding these tribes.

There were three tribes in the Lush Stream Timberland.

The Night Dagger Clan.

The Crimson Mammoth Warriors.

The Miracle Angel Tribe.

Upon hearing the names of these tribes, Wang Jian could guess what had occurred.

However, Wang Jian felt it would be prudent to obtain detailed information.

Thus, he immediately gathered his subordinates.

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