22 Passionate night with Su Xian (Edited) (R-18)

Wang Jian keenly observed her stunned countenance before remarking, "What you see leaking from your arm is only a minuscule fraction of the Devil Venom residing within you. I'm afraid the healing process will require several more sessions and significant effort."

Kang Huian instantly returned to reality as she heard his remarks but felt that it made sense. The Devil Venom could duplicate within her blood and must have replicated itself to a great degree.

However, the amount of Devil Venom that had been squeezed out of her blood was a significant quantity. Kang Huian was sure that it should take Wang Jian only a few days before getting rid of this Devil Venom completely.

Wang Jian suddenly released Kang Huian's nipples.

"Why did you stop?" Kang Huian couldn't help but cry out impulsively.

She had even begun to envision a future where she would be free of this poison and return to her family. In fact, her mind was already thinking of ways she could explain herself to her family and Lin Feng.

However, Wang Jian had also noticed her countenance and an evil scheme appeared in his head.

"You want me to grab them again?" Wang Jian asked with an ambiguous wording.

His words made Kang Huian realize just what he was doing a bit earlier. However, she swallowed her anger and responded, "…I-I want you to treat me."

"I will treat you. However, I have neither the time nor motivation to administer this method more than once a day," Wang Jian asserted.

"W-What do you mean?! It will take months if not years then," Kang Huian responded indignantly.

"Not that it really matters to me. I promised you and your father that I would cure you. The duration of this treatment is the least of my concerns," Wang Jian responded coldly.

"T-This…" Kang Huian was left speechless by his words.

"We will meet tomorrow at the same time," Wang Jian spoke before turning around to leave the infirmary.

"…P-please don't do this to me. Please cure me quickly," Kang Huian begged with a distressed countenance.

Wang Jian came to a halt and turned.

"Since you are begging me so modestly, I will pity you. Now, I will give you a hint. You just need to increase motivate me so that I can be tempted to spend more time in this treatment," Wang Jian spoke.

"How?" Kang Huian asked while fearing the answer.

"I wasn't planning to, but since you asked so nicely, I will give you another hint. To acquire something, you must be ready to sacrifice something," Wang Jian responded.

Wang Jian soon left the infirmary and headed towards Su Xian. He seemed to be in a rush as he was truly at his limit.

Even Wang Jian was feeling it impossible to control his lust. He felt that if he didn't let it out anytime soon, he will explode.

He could use a maid and release it inside her. This was always an option to Wang Jian.

However, the presence of these heroines certainly transformed his standards. They were far more beautiful compared to the maids in his mansion and doing it with them would certainly feel more exciting.

The maids feared and respected Wang Jian to a disturbing degree. Thus, he chose Su Xian as this night's target.

In the opulent chambers of his grand mansion, Wang Jian burst through the door and swept Su Xian into his arms. He held her close, savoring the feeling of her body against his. As he leaned in, he inhaled the sweet scent of jasmine and sandalwood that surrounded her.


Without a word, Wang Jian began to kiss Su Xian's neck, his lips trailing a path down to her collarbone. She let out a soft moan, her fingers gripping his shoulders. He pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss and running his hands over her back.


As they parted briefly for air, Su Xian gazed up at Wang Jian with a mixture of passion and adoration. He returned her gaze with a fiery intensity, his eyes alight with desire.


Without another word, he kissed her again, his lips molding to hers as they lost themselves in each other.


As they continued to explore each other's bodies, their passion grew bolder. Wang Jian lifted Su Xian effortlessly, pressing her against the wall as he continued to kiss her passionately. Su Xian wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer as she moaned softly.


Wang Jian's hands roamed over her body, exploring every inch of her. Su Xian's skin was soft and smooth under his touch, and he found himself becoming more and more aroused.


Finally, unable to resist any longer, Wang Jian carried Su Xian to the bed and laid her down gently. He kissed her again, this time with even more intensity, as he slowly began to explore her body with his hands and mouth.


As they continued their passionate embrace, Su Xian's body trembled with pleasure under Wang Jian's touch. She felt a rush of heat as he fondled her breasts, his hands exploring every curve and contour of her body. She responded with soft kisses and gentle caresses, her body arching towards him with each touch.


As Wang Jian positioned himself between her legs, Su Xian felt a mix of excitement and trepidation. She had never been with a man before and didn't know what to expect.


As Wang Jian entered her, Su Xian felt an intense pain that made her gasp. He stopped, concern etched on his face. "Are you alright?" he asked softly.


Su Xian nodded, her eyes clouded with tears. "Yes, it just hurts a little," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.


Wang Jian leaned in and kissed her gently, his hands running through her hair. "I'll be gentle," he promised.


Slowly, he began to move again, his pace measured and steady. Su Xian's moans of pain slowly turned into moans of pleasure as she felt the heat of Wang Jian's body against hers.


As he picked up the pace, Su Xian arched her back, her breasts jiggling with each thrust. "Oh, Wang Jian," she moaned, her fingers digging into his back.


Wang Jian gazed down at her with a heated look, his eyes locked onto her bouncing breasts. "You're so beautiful," he whispered, his voice thick with desire.


Su Xian responded by running her hands over his muscular chest, feeling the heat of his body against hers. "I love you," she whispered, her eyes closed in pleasure.


As they moved together, the pleasure between them grew more intense. Wang Jian's thrusts became harder and faster, and Su Xian felt herself building towards orgasm.


Finally, with a loud cry, Su Xian came, her body writhing with pleasure. Wang Jian followed shortly after, his seed spilling inside her.


As they lay there, spent, and breathless, Wang Jian whispered softly to her. "You're mine, Su Xian. Always."


Su Xian smiled up at him, her eyes shining with love. "And you're mine," she replied, reaching up to kiss him again.


As they changed positions, Wang Jian lay on his back, and Su Xian straddled him. She took him inside her, gasping at the feeling of him filling her completely. She began to ride him, her hips undulating as she moved up and down.


Wang Jian's hands roamed over her body, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples as she rode him harder and faster. Su Xian leaned forward, her hair falling around her face as she kissed him passionately. Their tongues tangled, exploring each other's mouths as they continued to move together.


They tried more positions - some fast, some slow, some rough, and some gentle. They were in their own world, consumed by desire and pleasure, as they explored each other in every way possible.


Finally, exhausted and sated, they collapsed onto the bed, their bodies entwined. They lay there in silence for a moment, simply enjoying the feeling of being close to each other.


Wang Jian wrapped his arms around Su Xian, pulling her close. "I don't want this night to end," he said softly.


Su Xian smiled, snuggling into him. "We will have many more nights like these," she replied.


Following a wild night of passionate encounters, Wang Jian was resting on the bed with Su Xian curled up in his arms. The night had been intense. Both of them were still nude as they were passionately embracing one another.

Su Xian slowly opened her eyes, the sunlight filtering through the window making her squint. She lay there for a moment, still half-asleep, before she began to stir. As she shifted on the bed, the sound of the rustling sheets caught Wang Jian's attention, and he slowly opened his eyes too.

He smirked when he saw Su Xian stirring, her hair tousled and her eyes half-closed. He couldn't resist teasing her a bit. "Good morning, my little lamb," he said, his voice dripping with amusement.

Su Xian jolted at the sound of Wang Jian's voice, her eyes widening in surprise. She quickly sat up, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment at being caught in such a vulnerable state.

"…I-I will get in the tub and take a bath," Su Xian stuttered while getting out of the bed quickly.

She wobbled as soon as she was on her feet and fell. Her ass was facing Wang Jian, giving him a nice view of that bubbly flesh that bounced just nicely. Both her buttocks were completely red with finger marks clearly noticeable.

In fact, now that Wang Jian stared closely, he noticed that her left side buttock seemed to have a more intense shade as compared to the right side.

Wang Jian couldn't enjoy this sight for long as Su Xian mustered her strength and rushed into the bathroom.

While Su Xian was gone, he checked out the notifications of the system.

[Congratulations, Host. You successfully fooled around with Heroine Kang Huian's body while testing the World Essence to its limits. You receive 5000 Destiny Points and a bonus of 5,000 Destiny Points.]

"Bonus points? That's fascinating. This indicates that if I take enormous risks, I can get a lot of points. This system is undoubtedly compelling me to test the World's Essence more and more now," Wang Jian licked his lips in anticipation as he remembered Kang Huian's luscious figure.

Furthermore, it was her hate that was made things far more exciting for Wang Jian. her hatred towards Wang Jian was far more intense than Su Xian's.

Wang Jian undoubtedly had a plethora of schemes up his sleeve that would have had Kang Huian completely corrupted and falling for him in no time, but he had no intention of putting any of them into action.

He had a feeling that things would be much more entertaining for him if he allowed her to hate him.

Naturally, this wasn't the only notification he received from Kang Huian.


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