Villain Is on Vacation

"Every day is so annoying and tiring. Just working, eating, and pooping. I rarely get any peace of mind." Rain grumbled. "I want some rest and go on vacation. It's good I am going on vacation tomorrow. Goodbye to annoying work for a few days," he cheered. As he was crossing the road, he saw a truck coming towards him. "Looks like, my life suc--" Whether gratifying or pathetic, almost the next moment, he got crushed by the truck, died, and transmigrated into the world of the game "Saga of the Magical Knight" as a mid-tier villain, Rain Holmes. "Welcome to the fantasy world, I guess." Fortunately, the system was there to help him. [Host should choose one choice among the following three choices.] | 1. Supporting Character | | 2. Villain | | 3. Extra Character | "Supporting Character sucks, and being a villain is tiring and risky. I choose to be an extra character." Rain answered. [Okay.] 'Who cares about that protagonist and heroines, I rather go on vacation and live a free life.' Rain scoffed. He didn't care about the plot, he wanted [vacation]. However, soon he realized it won't be as easy as he thought. "Hey, runaway Young master, spar with me!" The musclehead Villain roared. "Rain, you are only my friend, I won't let other bitches have you." One of the heroines declared. "But didn't he say he love me?" A mysterious beauty appeared. "Is getting vacation that hard?" Rain said in an exhausted tone.

Madwriter_2377 · Fantasy
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171 Chs

Swordsmanship Breakthrough

Next day, Rain woke up early to continue his daily practice with the sword.

The sun was barely up, casting a soft orange glow on the horizon.

With a deep breath, Rain grabbed his wooden sword and headed to the open field where he had been practicing for weeks.

His dedication and consistency had paid off as he achieved a breakthrough in his Swordsmanship Mastery, reaching the Intermediate level.

The hard work and endless hours of training were finally paying off.

As a result of his progress, he was now able to learn the sword arts.

The thought of learning new techniques made Rain's heart race with excitement.

Currently, Rain was practicing the Holmes Family's swordsman art.

The movements were fluid and graceful, a dance of steel that required both physical and mental discipline.

Being a high-class family, the Holmes Family possessed a wealth of knowledge on the subject, with manuals available for each level of expertise.