46 Streamer 'Night Soul'

[Next Morning] 

Rain woke up feeling energized and excited about the new day.

"Today's the day," Rain said to himself with a determined tone. "I'm going to start to influence the plot indirectly."

Already three days had been passed since the entrance exam of the academy. 

Today, the results of the exams were good to declared. Moreover, entrance ceremony would be held. 

As Rain thought about this, he paused for a moment, considering his plan. "I'll have to be careful, but I know I can do this," he continued, speaking aloud to himself.

However, before that, he hadt o complete his morning routine. 

He stood from his bed and started his physical training. 

As he stretched his limbs and did a series of vigorous exercises, Rain felt his muscles awaken and his heart rate increase.

"I can feel my body coming alive," he thought, "ready to take on whatever challenges the day may bring."


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