40 Rain's Vacation

After setting a timer for his message, Rain made his way towards his mansion.

Stepping inside, he felt relief and liberation washing over him as he realized he had successfully completed his mission. Finally, he could relax.

Unpacking his belongings, Rain meticulously arranged each item in its rightful place.

Some were purchases he made before leaving, while others were taken from his room.

As he organized his things, a surge of excitement and joy coursed through him, knowing he was free from his previous obligations. 

The countless hours of work he had put into achieving his goal had finally paid off, and now he could savor the fruits of his labor. 

Taking a deep breath, Rain surveyed his surroundings and said to himself, 'Finally, I'm home. I can relax now.' His excitement couldn't be contained. 'Isn't this great? I think I should celebrate.'

With newfound freedom, Rain decided to indulge in his favorite activities.

He walked over to the sound system and played his cherished music.

The melodies echoed throughout the spacious mansion, filling every room with their enchanting tunes.

The music was crystal clear, thanks to the high-quality sound system that Rain had installed.

It created a surreal atmosphere that enveloped him, and he closed his eyes, letting the music take him away.

As Rain swayed to the beat, he said, "This is what I've been waiting for. Freedom and music. There's nothing better than this."

Rain sang along to the lyrics and danced around the room.

He couldn't help but marvel at the sound barrier around the house. "I made sure to install a sound barrier too, so there's no chance of sound leaking outside. It's just me, my music, and my freedom," he thought to himself.


Next, he went to the kitchen and cooked himself a lavish meal, taking his time to prepare each dish with precision and care.

He opened a bottle of fine wine and poured himself a glass, savoring the taste and the aroma.



After his meal, he sat down in his comfortable armchair and watched a movie, immersing himself in the story and losing track of time.

The screen was huge, and the sound was excellent, enhancing the cinematic experience.


As the movie ended, Rain decided to explore the mansion, admiring the luxurious decor and the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

"In my previous life, all of these luxury would have been impossible. I guess I should be grateful that I got a second chance to enjoy my life." Rain smiled as he felt better. 

The mansion had a large terrace, and he went outside to enjoy the fresh air and the stunning scenery.


He spent some time reading his favorite books, listening to more music, and enjoying the peace and solitude of his new home.

Rain felt a rush of excitement while doing these activities.

"I didn't know these things would be this much fun." He muttered as he gazed out at the sparkling sea, feeling a sense of contentment wash over him.

In his life except training hard he didn't do anything. Entrainment activities were just waste of time for him.

His obligations as son of the family head never let him do anything. However, now he could he anything he liked. 

Suddenly, his mischievous side kicked in, and he turned to his smartwatch to check the time.

As he tapped the watch face, the screen lit up, displaying the time. "1 AM," he muttered to himself.

He smirked as he thought about the people back in Karoon City, who were four hours ahead of the island's timezone.

"Waking up early has become a habit for me," he thought to himself with a chuckle.

"But shouldn't other people also have this habit? why not have some fun with it?" With that, he began to type out a message on his phone, a mischievous glint in his eye.

He felt confident that he could get away with a little prank, and the thought made him laugh even harder.


Even though the world now seemed like a fantasy, it was still a technological civilization before the catastrophe. 

Therefore, machines like mobile phones, TV, refrigerators, and other devices still existed.

However, magic had not canceled out science but instead strengthened it by eliminating many of its inefficiencies.

With the "network" everywhere, Rain decided to create chaos with his phone, knowing that some people might be trying to track him through it.

He wasn't only skilled in programming though. He knew "little" hacking, too. 

He might be able to hack the government in the near future.

'Let's add it to the to-do list. I might also hack heroine's phones and uncover their dark history.' Rain made an evil smile.

He was wondering what would be in the phones of the heroine and other main characters.


Rain tapped the 'Connect' app on his phone, the colorful icon lighting up his screen.

It was a social media platform that reminded him of a mix between Instagram and Twitter, complete with live-streaming capabilities. 

He scrolled through his profile, and removed his family name from his username. 

He looked at his profile, feeling a twinge of nostalgia as he looked at his old username same as his previous life. 

'Now I am just Rain. Like my previous life,' he thought, feeling a sense of relief and freedom wash over him.

He updated his username and cut all connections with the main characters and anyone related to the plot.

It was time to disappear for a while and let the rumors fly.

Rain walked back to his room, the plush carpeting under his feet feeling soft and comforting.

He collapsed onto his bed, feeling a wave of laziness wash over him.

"Now I am free," he thought, staring up at the ceiling.

He had four days before the entrance exam of the Academy, and he planned to enjoy his freedom until then.



SO LET'S START MY VACATION." He shouted excited. 


'I am free. Just free.

Oh, there is a tree, a long green tree.

I can relax, but can't have s*x.

I was a villain but now the villain is on vacation.'

Rain was humming a song and dancing on the beat. 

►[Host your singing is good but the lyrics are trash.]

►[System can't stand listening to your trash song. So it reluctantly rewards you.]


►[Reward:- Writing (literature) - Beginner level skill have been acquired.]

►[Host, please make good songs in the future.]

"...," Rain had a blank expression on his face, unsure of how to respond.

"Okay. I know it's trash. I was just venting my stress," he said, feeling embarrassed.

Feeling hungry, Rain got out of bed and decided to prepare some food for himself.

As he rummaged through his supplies, he realized that he had purchased food in bulk before leaving, so he wouldn't have to worry about running out anytime soon.

He chuckled at his foresight and took out a readymade pizza from his high-tier space ring, which kept the pizza warm even after a long time.

As he sat down to enjoy his meal, he put on some music and started to sway to the beat, feeling the rhythm pulse through his body.

He lost track of time, fully immersed in the moment, and eventually drifted off to sleep, content and satisfied with the delicious food and the music.

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