Villain Is on Vacation

"Every day is so annoying and tiring. Just working, eating, and pooping. I rarely get any peace of mind." Rain grumbled. "I want some rest and go on vacation. It's good I am going on vacation tomorrow. Goodbye to annoying work for a few days," he cheered. As he was crossing the road, he saw a truck coming towards him. "Looks like, my life suc--" Whether gratifying or pathetic, almost the next moment, he got crushed by the truck, died, and transmigrated into the world of the game "Saga of the Magical Knight" as a mid-tier villain, Rain Holmes. "Welcome to the fantasy world, I guess." Fortunately, the system was there to help him. [Host should choose one choice among the following three choices.] | 1. Supporting Character | | 2. Villain | | 3. Extra Character | "Supporting Character sucks, and being a villain is tiring and risky. I choose to be an extra character." Rain answered. [Okay.] 'Who cares about that protagonist and heroines, I rather go on vacation and live a free life.' Rain scoffed. He didn't care about the plot, he wanted [vacation]. However, soon he realized it won't be as easy as he thought. "Hey, runaway Young master, spar with me!" The musclehead Villain roared. "Rain, you are only my friend, I won't let other bitches have you." One of the heroines declared. "But didn't he say he love me?" A mysterious beauty appeared. "Is getting vacation that hard?" Rain said in an exhausted tone.

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Authority, New Features

[Next Morning] 

Rain enjoyed a comfortable and peaceful sleep until a sudden, sharp noise jolted him awake.

The sound acted as an alarm, interrupting his sleep and alerting him to something unusual happening.

Rain sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes and trying to shake off the grogginess of sleep.

He looked around his room, but everything was just as he had left it the night before.

'What was that noise? Why did it wake me up?' Rain thought, feeling confused and disoriented.

After checking the time, he realized that it was still morning and muttered to himself that he had overslept a bit. "I should set up alarm system." 

To figure out what had happened, Rain checked his system notifications.

After a few moments, he noticed something unusual that drew his attention.


"Oh, so it looks like the plot has started," Rain muttered, rubbing his eyes and yawning. 

As he scrolled through his system notifications, he couldn't help but get surprised. 

►[Congratulations to the Host for making it till starting of the plot.] 

►[Plot progress will start now. Please make your best effort to survive till the end.]

►[Authority level 1 has been granted. System Store is now unlocked.]

"As expected." Rain smiled as he read the system notifications. 

He had always expected to gain the Authority once the plot started.

Ever since he learned of its existence, he was sure it would be his someday.

He wasn't surprised when it finally happened, as he had anticipated it.

"Maybe the next upgrade will come at 5% plot progress, around three months from now," Rain thought to himself.

"By then, I'll have explored more than half of this island and restored my Rank." He pondered the general idea of when he would attain the next level of authority.

"But with just Authority level 1, I won't be able to get much information." Rain shrugged his shoulders. 

'Still, I should at least try a bit.' He thought inwardly. 

"Will the plot end after the Protagonist graduates from the Academy and kills the last boss monster?" Rain asked the System.

►[Affirmative. The plot will end after the Protagonist slays "the last boss monster".]

Hearing the System's answer, Rain felt like it was playing a game of words with him.

"Wait a minute, why are you emphasizing the last boss monster? Don't tell me that it's different from the game," Rain said, concern creeping into his voice.

If the last boss wasn't the same as the one in the game, what else was different? Rain had many questions swirling around in his mind.

►[Insufficient Authority level. Information cannot be conveyed.]

"So what level of authority do I need to get the information?" Rain asked.

►[Level 6.]

"Damn. That means I'll need 75% progress before I can get any answers," Rain muttered, feeling frustrated.

Waiting for the System to give him the answers felt like a waste of time. He sighed heavily. 

"Let's try asking something else." Rain clicked his tongue. He felt system was trying to be mysterious. 

"Can you explain the System Store to me?" He asked, his voice tinged with curiosity.

►[The System Store is just like any other store. You can purchase anything with equal change or points.]

System replied in its usual monotone.


"How can I get points?" Rain asked eagerly, his interest piqued.

►[As the plot progresses, the Host will be given points.

For every 1% of plot progress, the Host will receive points according to the formula: plot progress * 100.

►[Host can also sell things to get points. There also other ways to increase points. Such as survive major events, increase influence on the plot, and complete tasks or achievements.]

System explained.


Rain checked his points, but he had zero. Disappointment crept into his voice as he thought, "The plot just started, and I don't have any major influence on it yet."

He guessed that his previous achievements, like killing the Red Wolf and destroying the Bandit's hideout, might not have counted.

Rain decided to exchange or sell things for points, but he was irked to hear that he had to influence the plot.

After all, wasn't the System's name Extra-character System?

"Does an extra character have to influence the plot these days?" He wondered.

Rain had run away from the plot, and now he was being told to get involved. It felt ironic to him. Nonetheless, it was within Rain's plans.

"System, you may be smart, but I'm smart too. I'll involve myself in the plot, not directly, but indirectly," Rain said with a smirk.

As he thought about his options, excitement bubbled up inside him. He couldn't wait to see what the future held. "When the Academy starts, I'll try different things to increase my influence on the plot indirectly."

Rain let out a low, mischievous chuckle. "And there will be a news leak soon, thanks to my absence from the entrance exam."

Rain planned this a long time ago. However, he didn't think he would be able to amass points with that. 

Excitement bubbled up inside him as he considered his options. Rain couldn't wait to see what the future held.

Then Rain decided to check the new feature. 

As he focused on the new feature, a transparent screen appeared in the air before him.

╟─┈━═[System Store]═━┈─╢



Rain's eyes widened as the screen appeared in front of him.

It looked like he was playing a RPG game, which excited him even more.

He quickly checked the two options displayed on the screen - Valuables and Skills.

Rain raised his hand and gestured to the system to open the skills section.

A holographic screen appeared in front of him, showing a list of skills available in the System Store.

The section was divided into different categories, such as combat skills, magic skills, and utility skills.

Each category had multiple options for purchase, ranging from basic skills to advanced ones.

╟─┈━═[System Store - Skills]═━┈─╢

►[Combat Skills]

- Fighting. 100 pts

- Martial Arts. 200 pts

- Archery. 500 pts

- Swordsmanship. 1000 pts

- Spear Mastery. 1000 pts

- Shield Mastery. 1500 pts

- Magic Defense. 2000 pts

- Spellcasting. 5000 pts

⬍[Press here to see more skills] 

►[Crafting Skills]

- Alchemy. 200 pts

- Forging. X pts

- Enchanting. X pts

- Tailoring. X pts

- Carpentry. X pts

- Cooking. X pts

⬍[Press here to see more skills] 

►[Utility Skills]

- Climbing. 20 pts

- Underwater Breathing. 50 pts

- Mining. X pts

- Navigation. X pts

- Animal Handling. X pts

- Disguise. X pts

- Stealth. 1000 pts

- Healing. 2500 pts

- Stalking. 3000 pts

⬍[Press here to see more skills] 

Rain scrolled through the skills menu, carefully reading each description and cost.

He was fascinated by the vast array of skills available to him, ranging from combat skills like archery and swordsmanship to crafting skills like alchemy and tailoring.

He even found some useful utility skills like underwater breathing and navigation.

Rain was impressed but also a bit overwhelmed by the number of skills available to him.

He wondered which ones would be most useful to him in the future.

He decided to think it over and come back to the skills menu later.

After exploring the possibilities in the Skills section, Rain switched to the Valuables section to see what he could purchase. He followed the same process as before. 

However, he was slightly surprised after looking at the valuables section. 

╟─┈━═[System Store: Valuables]═━┈─╢





►[Miscellaneous Items]

"Wait, what's this?" Rain looked at the line written at the end of the hologram screen. 

➤[Type the name of the thing you want,

the system will charge accountable points.]


"This feature is really useful. I noticed there's a similar tab in the skills section, which means I can purchase any skill or item from the store." Rain thought, feeling excited about the possibilities.

He was impressed with this feature, which reminded him of some search engines he had used before. It was quite comfortable to search like this.

As he browsed through the options, Rain couldn't help but wonder what he should search for next.


➤ 🔍 [Search]

"Hmm," Rain pondered for a few moments as he gazed at the screen. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully before a smile slowly spread across his face.

"Let's check if you can get it," he said as his fingers glided across the virtual keyboard. 

Rain typed "Panties" into the search bar and hit enter.

►[Searching contents with keyword....]

►[Host, there are many types of panties. Like briefs, bikinis, G-strings, thongs, boyshorts, and many more.]

►[Should I display all of them or do you want to see a specific one?]

Rain was amazed by the system's ability to search for various items and skills.

"Display all of them," Rain comanded, curious about the search results that would come up.

Within moments, a list of search results appeared on the screen, providing an extensive range of options to choose from.


╟─┈━═[Search Results]═━┈─╢

► Brand new panties (Any colour)

Points Required: 10

Image: [insert image here]

► Wornout panties (Any colour)

Points Required: 50

Image: [insert image here]

► Kaya's panties 

Points Required: 1000

Image: [insert image here]

► Emma's Panties 

Points Required: 1000

Image: [insert image here]

► Any Heroine's Panties 

Points Required: 1000

Image: [insert image here]





► Carla's Panties 

Points Required: 99999

Image: [insert image here]


The search results appeared in a new window in front of Rain, similar to the way search engines display results.

The window was divided into multiple sections, with each section containing a different type.

Like every heroine, sub-heroines, villainess, and other female characters.

Each section had a detailed description and a picture, along with the points required to purchase it.

Rain felt like he became some degenerate person. Still, he read til the end.

"What?" Rain exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock as he scrolled through the search results.

His heart sank when he saw the last item on the list : his mother's underwear.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing and felt a mixture of anger and disgust rising within him. 

"What the f**k?" Rain shouted, his voice echoing through the empty room. He was outraged that the system could have something so personal and intimate of his mother's in their store.

He quickly started calling out to the system, demanding answers.

"Hey, system, why do you have my mom's underwear?" Rain's tone was accusing and angry.

"You are a thief!" he continued, feeling violated by the fact that the system had access to his personal belongings and those of his family.

"Pervert!" he spat out, disgusted by the thought of anyone else having access to his mother's undergarments.

"Bastard!" Rain shouted in frustration. 


After a few moments of yelling and cursing, Rain stopped to catch his breath.

"And why is the price so high?" he asked, his voice shaking with disbelief and anger.

►[Language Host.]

►[The system told you that it can bring anything you want.]

►[Regarding information about price. Insufficient Authority. Information locked.]

Rain's frustration only grew as he heard this.

'What level of Authority do I need to know this information?' he asked, his tone more forceful than before.

►[Max level]

'This useless system!' Rain shouted, his voice echoing through the room. He wanted nothing more than to smash the screen in front of him.

But then, a response from the system caught him off guard.

►[Just kidding, Host. System doesn't sell these things.]


[Note: This is the information for when which level of Authority will unlock.]

Level 1 - Plot Progress 1%

Level 2 - Plot Progress 5%

Level 3 - Plot Progress 10%

Level 4 - Plot Progress 25%

Level 5 - Plot Progress 50%

Level 6 - Plot Progress 75%

Level 7 - Plot Progress 99%

After killing the last boss. It will be Max Authority.


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