38 Chapter 36 Becoming a Genin?

Chapter 36 Becoming a Genin?

Based on Root.

-Orochimaru wants too many things for his experiments. According to him, he is in the extreme stage of developing new techniques, but his demands are increasing manifold. Just the number of bodies I give him has multiplied recently. Hiruzen is already beginning to suspect something. I think I need to reconsider my views on Orochimaru. At recent meetings, Hiruzen has often hinted that he won't give the Hokage post to him, hoping to find a better candidate. Hmm... I'll wait until Orochimaru agrees to transplant the cells of the first Hokage Senju Hashirama to me, and then I'll stop our business completely. Perhaps the best solution would be to turn him over to Hiruzen and bring Akuma in to get rid of both problems at once.

While Danzo pondered his own problems, Orochimaru made a plan in his lab for what to do next.

-Danzo cannot be trusted. That old man never does anything that doesn't benefit him. Does he think I'll agree to transplant Hashirama's cells to him when I have such a great apprentice? That's okay, his life will soon be over. He's too dangerous for me and Akuma. Research has shown that Akuma's blood reacts perfectly with the first Hokage's cells, so there's very little chance that he'll be repulsed. If I'm lucky enough to get Akuma to awaken Mokuton, his potential will be multiplied. I could really use a sidekick like that. All right, the money's all set. All that remains is to discuss Akuma and our departure and his operation. If everything goes as I plan, I'll have my own ninja village in the future, completely under my control. Now I'm mulling over plans to move to Amegakure, the village of rain. Hanzo Salamander has happily agreed to take me there, along with my apprentice. Akuma keeps telling me that it's time for him to learn to wield a weapon, but he refuses the katana, saying that swords are not his. The sketch of the weapon he showed me is strongly reminiscent of Hanzo's. Perhaps I can convince him to teach Akuma. It remains to wait for Akumu and discuss these matters with him. It will be a difficult night.

While his sensei pondered the questions, Akuma sat in the restaurant with Obito and Rin. They were celebrating Akuma's victory in the last tournament. Akuma, sitting quietly as usual, waited for Obito to finally finish telling Rin about their fight as if she wasn't there. After a while, Obito finally ran out of steam and stopped his story.

-Obito, have you considered becoming an official genin? - Akuma suddenly interrupted the silence with his question.

-What? But we just entered the academy! - Obito answered loudly

-So? We already know all the basic techniques, with your talent the academy won't teach you anything new, plus it will be a record that everyone will praise, which means a lot of people will know about you, and your goal of becoming a Hokage will become much closer. - Like a demon, Akum a tempted Obito with sweet talk about how great it was to be a genin.

-Yes! You're right Akuma, as always. I, the future Hokage Uchiha Obito, with my talent, have no business being at the academy! I'll talk to the Elder about it today. - Obito was already imagining himself as a ninja...

-Obito! Akuma! What are you two talking about!? - Rin sharply intervened in the conversation. Without letting Obito say anything, Akuma replied:

-That we have nothing to do at the academy and we want to finish it early. We'll get more use out of doing real ninja missions, and this way our talent will only fade away. - Akuma replied. He guessed that Rin would be against his idea, but that didn't bother him too much because Obito trusted him too much. He was to have his own sharingan in a matter of weeks, and if things went well, Akuma had a plan in place that would make sure Obito's Uchiha was no longer a problem in the future at all. All that remains is to discuss this plan with Orochimaru. But knowing his character, and the way he cares about him, there shouldn't be a problem.

After a few more minutes of arguing with Rin, Akuma and Obito left Ichiraku and went home. The thought that Akuma planted in Obito's head grew quickly and took over Obito's head completely. He even blamed himself for not thinking of it himself.

In the territory of the Uchiha Clan.

-Do you want to graduate from the academy early? - Asked the elder who was watching Obito.

-Yes! With my abilities there's nothing to do there, and this way I'll become known as a ninja quicker, which means I can become Hokage quicker! - With fire in his eyes the young Uchiha said. He hoped that he would be allowed to do so, because he knew that if Akuma said something, that's usually what happens. Which meant Akuma would definitely graduate early from the academy.

The elder, after mulling over the words Obito said for a while, replied:

-The idea is not a bad one in itself, Obito. But I have to discuss it with the other elders and the head of the clan, and if they say yes, then you can give it a try.

-Thank you very much, Elder! - Obito replied with a bow. He had already imagined doing missions, becoming famous, getting the rank of chunin, jonin, and becoming a Hokage. After sitting in his daydreams until the evening, Obito went to bed.

Orochimaru's House

At a leisurely pace, Akuma returned to his now familiar house. When he walked in he saw Orochimaru, which was rare for him at a time like this. Usually Orochimaru spent all his time researching, so seeing him at home in the evening was a rarity for Akuma.

"So even fate itself is telling me that it's time to take decisive action," Akuma grinned in his head.

"Master, are you certain of your actions? At this rate, the future plot will be completely altered, and you will lose your advantage," Yui asked anxiously.

"It's all right. My very appearance has already completely broken the original story. Compared to the advantage I will gain, such losses are insignificant." - Akuma replied, sitting down at the table with Orochimaru. As his Sensei poured his coffee and served it to him, Akuma noticed some nervousness in his actions.

-Orochimaru-Sensei there's a rasp... -Akuma, there's a difference- -the student and the teacher said at the same time. After a while of silence. The two resumed their dialogue. Orochimaru was the first to begin.

-Akuma, I know this may sound strange, but we have to leave Konoha. It's dangerous to be here. You and I have been accepted at Amegakure. - Orochimaru summarized his words first, waiting for Akuma's reaction

"Everything is shaping up just perfectly, looks like luck is definitely on my side today," Akuma thought to himself.

-Sensei, what's going on? Why do we have to leave Konoha so quickly? - Akuma began to ask questions for the sake of appearances.

-Danzo has stopped funding my projects, I have a feeling that he wants to turn me in to Hiruzen. In that case, you'll be in danger too. He can't do it yet, but once I get him into surgery, there will be nothing to stop him. That's why we'll have to leave Konoha soon. I also want to take the First Hokage's cells and not transplant them to Danzo, but give them to you. Your body reacts amazingly well to them. - Told his plan to Orochimaru.

For Orochimaru, Akuma was now sitting and pondering what he had said, but Akuma had very different thoughts in his head.

"Master, since you have absorbed a part of the system, albeit a small one, it has completely changed your body at the DNA level. It is now perfectly capable of adapting to all other cells and lineages." - Yui Akume explained. While this conversation was going on, Akuma realized that his plan fit perfectly with Orochimaru's and decided to tell his idea.

-Orochimaru-Sensei, I am well aware of the danger presented by Danza and Root. He once wanted to recruit me. Of course, I don't mind going with you. But I have ideas about how to improve this plan. Danzo still trusts you right now. Pretend to agree to transplant his cages, and when he's lying on the table, put him to sleep and kill him. Then run off with the cages. But I must be outside the village at this point, so that we can meet and escape more conveniently. So I'll take the genin exam tomorrow, along with Obito. Then you'll ask Danzo to influence Hiruzen to give us a rank C mission so we can leave the village. That same day, we'll meet outside the village. I want to kill Obito and take his Sharingan for myself. Perhaps at that time his Sharingan will evolve due to Obito's strong emotions, and by then I'll have a Sharingan with two tomoe. One I'll give to you for experimentation, and the other you'll transplant to me. - Without pausing for a second, Akuma fully explained his plan. He was confident in his plan, especially knowing Orochimaru's attraction to the Sharingan.

-This plan... Perfect - With a crazy smile on his face, Orochimaru replied...

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