2 Chapter 2: Learning in a New World

It had been three days since Gray had regained consciousness. The poison had finally worn off, so today was his last day in the hospital, and from the looks of it, the hospital had fallen on hard times, with shabby paint, horrible equipment, and not a single healer pokémon Gray had seen during his stay. What was there to be surprised about? He was in the poorest neighborhood in Viridian City, where having even a healing pokémon puts you ten levels above the rest of the world. During his time in the hospital, Gray was visited only once by the woman who looked after all the children in the orphanage, but she didn't even talk to him, and after quickly discussing her issues with the doctor, left the hospital. But Gray was able to hear part of that conversation

-He won't have to take any medication after he's discharged, will he? The orphanage is barely making ends meet, and if we have to budget for the treatment of these scum, it would be easier to close down altogether. - said the caretaker.

-Of course, I can't insist on medication, his body is doing fine on its own. Just the time that the boy will be in a weakened state will be much longer than if he took medication. - the doctor summarized.

The woman looked at the doctor, then glanced at Gray, and left the hospital. The doctor only sighed heavily. Everyone here in the slums is barely surviving, you can count on your fingers the rich people in this world who have nothing to do with pokémon. All most of them are either Pokémon trainers, researchers, or rangers. Sure, there are criminal gangs like Team Rocket, Team Magma, and others, but what do they care about the poor people from the slums? Why would they recruit people there when they can bring in specially trained trainers from the Pokémon school, or just bribe a couple of trainers from the alliance? They'd have a lot more knowledge, and they'd be more effective than wasting their resources on useless seedlings like Gray.

He hated to hear all this talk, but he had no choice. All he could do now was grit his teeth and accept the reality of the new world he was in. Gathering all the few things he had at the hospital, he left the hospital with the very same teacher and headed towards the orphanage where he lived. On the way he saw dilapidated houses, beggars, homeless people, and people scavenging through garbage dumps to find some food. In one of the dark back alleys he saw a crowd of teenagers beating up an elderly man. It was clear from the shouting that they wanted to take his money.

"And in such a crazy world you suggest I survive? Woke up in a near-death state, living in a slum, with only a shabby pokeball that I can't even use until I get my trainer's license. I probably shouldn't complain though, I'm not sure everyone gets a chance at a second life," as Gray pondered, they had already reached the shelter building. Its appearance wasn't great, but it still looked much better than the ruins they could see along the way. Without a word from his teacher, Gray quietly headed for his room. He shared it with several other children his age. But despite that, the previous owner of this body was a very withdrawn person, so he had no communication with his peers, as well as with other people. After putting his things in their places, he went to the reading room, if you could call it that. It was an unremarkable little room, with bookshelves. Most of them were stories and legends, but there were also some educational books about the history or geography of the world. But Gray didn't need any of that, and after searching through the books for about ten minutes, he finally found what he wanted. The book in front of him was called "A Guide to the Pokémon of the Kanto Region". It detailed the weight, height, personality, and habits of many of the Pokémon registered in the Kanto region. As soon as Gray touched it, he heard the words of the chip's AI in his head.

*♪ Beep ♪

* Mr. Gray, should I analyze the book in front of me? *

"Yeah, do it."

*Starting the process of analyzing... Saving information. Removing repetitive information. Removing introductory words and useless information. 43% of useful information retained. The host can access this and any other information stored in the dream at any time.

*Bip, because of the information he received, the lord's horizons became wider, causing his Intelligence to increase by +1.

As soon as Gray started asking a question, the answers automatically appeared in his head. "Slowpoke's height and weight? -1.2 meters, 36 kilograms. Yeah...that's just great. The AI chip just replaced my brain with a super computer. Now I don't have to search and filter information. It'll do all the work for me. Although, it's part of me, so that's what I'm doing, isn't it? Okay, let's save that silly thinking for later."

Gray's gaze lowered to the other books. "AI chip, analyze the books in front of me and filter the information. Divide the information into sections and put them in different departments. Name them 'History of the Pokémon World', 'Pokémon Information', 'Legends and Myths of the Pokémon World', and 'Geography of the Pokémon World'"

*Assignment accepted... It will take about 2 hours to analyze the information. Please do not move further than 2 meters away from the books because the transmission process will be interrupted* Gray had no choice but to wait for the right amount of time.

Two hours later.

*Sir... Analysis complete. Sixty-seven percent of unnecessary or inaccurate information has been filtered out... The remainder has been placed in the departments you ordered created*

*Because of the new knowledge, the host's mental development has become higher, so Intelligence is increased +2*

"Good, because I'm getting pretty hungry. It'll be dinner time soon enough." Gray went to the dining hall, testing his new knowledge along the way.

And so the boring days at the orphanage began to pass. Gray tried to gain as much knowledge as he could so he could pass the test when he turned ten. Also, Gray's habit of practicing came back, which he did with more diligence because this world is much more dangerous than his previous one. Even the weakest Rattata can easily bite a piece of flesh off a human. Because of his training, his body characteristics had grown a bit, and he felt much better. Occasionally he would walk down the street, but the appearance of the slums did not attract any attention, only repulsed by their filth and filthiness. But after a month, Gray noticed a problem. The information he received was superficial. Gray didn't know the contents of the test, but he was sure it included more than just some of the Pokémon's habits and physical parameters. He didn't count on his knowledge from his previous life either. He was in the real world now, and relying on knowledge from a world where it was just a game and anime didn't seem reasonable to him. As he had recently learned in one of his books, trainers, like Pokémon, were differentiated by rank.

1)Beginner level trainer - Pokémon of beginner level (Lvl 0-15)

2) Intermediate level trainer - At least 2 Pokémon are at intermediate level (Lvl 16-29)

3) High Level Trainer - At least 3 Pokémon at high level (Lvl 30-39)

4)Elite Trainer - At least 3 Pokémon are at the Elite level (Lvl 40-55) - from this level, you can become the leader of the hall.

5) Master Trainer - At least 4 Pokémon at the Master level (Lvl 56-70) - most gym leaders are at this level.

6)Trainer King - At least 4 Pokémon at King level (Lvl 71-85) - Elite Four level

7)Champion Trainer - At least 5 Pokémon at Champion level (Lvl 86-100) - Regional Champion level

8)Mythic Trainer - All six Pokémon at Mythic level (Lvl 101 and above) - only a few trainers in the history of the Pokémon world have been able to reach this level.

But Gray's mind had no idea where other knowledge could be obtained. As far as he knew, Viridian City's Ezntral Library must contain many books and computers connected to a database. From there, he would have no trouble gathering all the information he needed. But how to get there? There's a fee to enter the library, and I don't have any money. Gray looked at the old pokeball in his hand. 

"Looks like I have no choice but to catch some weak pokémon. There's a Viridian forest not too far away. From the stories, it's full of danger, but most of the strong pokémon live in the central part of the forest, so I have a chance. Only, what kind of pokémon should I catch? It can't be someone strong, I just don't have the strength to handle it. I need someone who can gain strength quickly, with the help of this Pokémon, I'll earn my starting capital.... I have to get ready. I'll be moving out in four days....

Gray's stats


Name: Gray Ubaniel


Strength - 3 -> 5

Dexterity - 1 -> 3 -> 6

Stamina - 1 -> 4 -> 5

Intelligence - 18 -> 19 -> 21 -> 25

Charisma - 4

Aura: blocked

Mental Power: blocked


 1) Initial Poison Resistance

Pokémon: None

Description: The body is fully recovered from the effects of the poison. Physical development is at normal levels.


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