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(Warning! Extreme levels of puns intended!) Living in poverty and never having the chance to enjoy his youth, Alan died in an unexpected incident. He then wakes up to find himself as a side character in the novel he read as a child. "Welcome, chosen one! This is the world of Arcana!" "You have been bestowed with the title 'Girlfriend Thief'!" "Make the target woman submit to you using only your tongue and steal her from her boyfriend!" Will Alan be able to survive in this world of magic and monsters, using his new virile body? ---------------------------------- Additional tags: Smut-- Magic-- Handsome Male lead-- No NTR (only Netori) -- No Yuri --Vampire girls -- Elves-- Monster girls -- Demon girls -- Angels -- Dating simulator system -- Mind break ---------------------------------- "Some people think that money, power and looks is all it takes to keep their women from leaving them." "Some people think that women like gentle, kind and caring boys." "Some people think that any sort of roughness is a turn off." "But you are an exception, aren't you?" ~ Rosalind Stewart to Adam ----------------------------------- This novel does have action but most of it involves smut :D Reader discretion advised. ----------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!

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Wise Son

I was wrong. Adam doesn't have a step-sister and a biological sister.

He has 4 step sisters! And two biological sisters!

[Ophelia is not Adam's biological sister. Please do not delude yourself. Ophelia is adopted. All the others share Adam's blood]

Three of his step sisters and Emma, his own sister who is also Emily's friend, are younger than him.

[Please listen to me...]

The remaining two are older and they currently live outside the Bigcoc mansion.

"I am sorry Adam. It is because of me…"

Currently, I was standing inside Adam's father's office after being escorted inside the mansion by Ophelia's knights.


Adam's father was crying in front of me like a bitch.

"It's because I'm a failure as a Lord of this House…aguhhh.!"

Stop it old man. You look disgusting.

"Why is he crying?" Siliana whispered to me.

"One of his three wives left the mansion saying she was fed up with him being an impotent cuck." I told her.

My screen told me that Matthew BigCoc, Adam's father, had the blood of BigCocs running in him but recently he has developed erectile dysfunction.

"Augguuhhh, It's because I can't control my wives…even though I am a Bigcoc! anghhhhh"

More like you can't control your cock, you sterile fogey.

"It's all because Sadina hit me with her blade when she was young, angghhhh, ah what kind of father am I? Blaming my own child? Aughhhghg" Adam's father cried while slamming his head on his desk.

"Ouch, that must have hurt." Siliana said from the shadows.

Who is Sadina?

[Sadina Heart is the fourth child in the BigCoc family. She is Ophelia Heart's older sister.]

Wow, one more puss..ahem, one more victim of this stupid man's harem shenanigans.

"Adam, please I beg you! When you go to the academy, try to track her down!"

I looked at him with an annoyed expression.

"Why can't your soldiers do it?"

"She has them all in her pockets! Uuuggghhh sob sob"

Hah…with a bitch like him as a father, no wonder Adam was a wuss.

That's right, Adam in the original novel was a wuss who sacrificed his life for Ken.

Ken goes on to live and eventually joins the Hero's party as a master swordsman. But that has nothing to do with me.

I am not like the old Adam.

I'll fuck whoever stands infront of me.

[And you call me gay]

"Auggh…ah Adam, did you.. sniff..change your hairstyle?" Father asked me.

It brought me shame to call him my father but hey, having someone was better than having no one.

"Not really. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no…aghh, you… sniff sniff…usually let your hair fall on your face…."

Like an emo boy?

Was Adam that much of a social reject?!

Oh no, I'll be facing trouble if that is the case.

My screen opened and gave me a new mission.

[The people in this world believe Adam is easy to push over due to his introverted nature.

Fire one of the maids working for the Heart Faction from the BigCoc mansion.

Condition: Cum inside her throat 2 times.

Reward: Super Sexy Eyes unlocked]

Oh yeah boy! Finally time for some Real action!

My meat was getting impatient with all this BS plot.

But how am I supposed to fire a maid after cumming in her throat?

"Angh..sniff…your academy starts next week…so go and rest now…sniff. If you ..sniff…need anything…tell me."

"Ah, I wanted to ask. Why is my last name Bigcoc while my sisters' aren't?"

He blew his nose with a tissue.

"What…sniff…don't you know already?..sniff… It's because you're the first and only son of this family."

[Bigcoc was the famous Duke who slayed the legendary Dragon Arquebus. He was renowned for his big…]

Blah blah blah, just tell me the ending.

[The Bigcocs are the great Duke family in the Sebance Empire. The Bigcoc blood is strong on the male side. However, since Matthew Bigcoc is just a Bigcoc in name and a small pussy in bed, his wives hold power in the family. The Bigcoc name can be only acquired by a woman if she gives birth to a son carrying the Bigcoc genes]

Oh so, since my mother gave birth to me, she acquired the Bigcoc family name.

[Yes. That is why one of Matthew's wives ran away out of frustration, not because she was missing Matthew's touch but because she was falling behind in the power struggle inside the BigCoc family]


All this politics was too much for my dumb brain to understand.

"So..Adam..", father started to talk to me again.

"Ah, I feel tired father. I want to go and take some rest now."

I hadn't jerked off at all since last night.

I was going crazy.

"Oh yes..sniff…listen just one more thin.."


I left the room without wasting another second.

"Whew. One more second and I would have hit him."

"Adam, is being a BigCoc that good?"

Siliana asked me. "All his wives seem to be fighting for it."

"Oh yeah, you haven't learnt about it, right?" I patted her head.

"No, I was deprived of education after I failed the ceremony. So I didn't learn all the things that are taught to young succubi, including human history."

Ah, same Siliana. I also flunked my grades and bunked classes to watch porn.

I patted her head feeling a strong sense of brotherhood.

"Nah. I think it's more to do with endurance, stamina and technique." I told her.

It was up to me to educate her now.

"Ah, I see." She nodded in agreement.


A lewd sound came from somewhere and hit our ears.

Both of us searched for where it came from.

"Adam, I think it's coming from that room."

Siliana pointed to a room that almost appeared hidden due to its position behind the corridor pillars.

"Training room?" The sign outside read.

"Adam, use my skill." Siliana came out of my shadow and helped me with her magic.

My eyes started to glow red.

"Uwogh! What's this?"

"You can use it to peek inside the door."

Seriously?! Shadow assassin class is op!

I put my head on the door and like an x-ray vision, the inside of the room became crystal clear to me.

There was a gigantic banner on the ceiling with most of its words faded out.

I only read the one word that was prominent.

It read AGE and it was painted with violet oil color.

Under it, I saw a young girl with deep violet hair. She was using the hilt of a sheathed sword to rub her crotch.

"Anghh…" she moaned as she used it to pleasure herself.

"Wisdom COMES with AGE." Siliana read the banner.

"On it, after looking at it." I corrected Siliana.

"It's a deep quote, isn't it Adam?"

Siliana was sitting with her knees bent in front of me and looking through the door. The back of her head was close to my zipper.

"Indeed it is." I looked at the girl.

"Ah, you're licking your lips again. Is the quote that good?" She looked up at me, her head grazing my zipper.

I grabbed Siliana's horns.

"Yes. Yes, it is."

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Here's the family list for the children of the BigCoc family.

1) Oldest Daughter

2) Second Daughter

3) Adam Bigcoc

4) Sadina Heart

5) Emma Bigcoc

6) Sixth Daughter

7) Ophelia Heart (youngest daughter)


For those who might be confused- Adam's mother has only two children. The other siblings are from Matthew's other wives.

Ophelia is the adopted, youngest child in the family.


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