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(Warning! Extreme levels of puns intended!) Living in poverty and never having the chance to enjoy his youth, Alan died in an unexpected incident. He then wakes up to find himself as a side character in the novel he read as a child. "Welcome, chosen one! This is the world of Arcana!" "You have been bestowed with the title 'Girlfriend Thief'!" "Make the target woman submit to you using only your tongue and steal her from her boyfriend!" Will Alan be able to survive in this world of magic and monsters, using his new virile body? ---------------------------------- Additional tags: Smut-- Magic-- Handsome Male lead-- No NTR (only Netori) -- No Yuri --Vampire girls -- Elves-- Monster girls -- Demon girls -- Angels -- Dating simulator system -- Mind break ---------------------------------- "Some people think that money, power and looks is all it takes to keep their women from leaving them." "Some people think that women like gentle, kind and caring boys." "Some people think that any sort of roughness is a turn off." "But you are an exception, aren't you?" ~ Rosalind Stewart to Adam ----------------------------------- This novel does have action but most of it involves smut :D Reader discretion advised. ----------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!

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Tutorial Ending

Red infrared lights shot out of her glory hole!

I had finally redeemed her shawshank.

Siliana looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"I..I did it!"

"Yes, you did it. Congratulations Siliana." I patted her head.

Red mana burst out of her body. Her body started transforming.

"Wha…?" I was caught off guard.

A huge whip-like tail with a heart shaped ending appeared out of nowhere. It bound me up tightly and pulled me in.

Long black wings shaped like a bat covered the night sky from my vision. Under it, Siliana fiercely hugged me with her arms. I could feel that her strong grip strength had increased at least ten times after her mana was fully unleashed.

She rubbed her face on my chest showing me her affection.

"Human, I did it! I did it!"

"...ues ilIana.

..u id it…" She was choking me.

Her new curved horns poked into my ribs giving me a tingling sensation in my Christmas bells.

I can't say I disliked it since I knew they would serve as a good pair of handles in the future. It's totally not because I had a hidden masochistic side to me.

Quickly realizing what she was doing wrong, Siliana let me go and then hugged me again, but this time with much controlled softness.

She rubbed her face on my ears. Her tears dripped down my skin, behind my ear all the way down to my neck.

I looked at her new body. 2 new curved horns, 1 pair of new wings and 1 new tail. But other than that, her allure had become much more sexy and bewitching. I don't know how to explain it but her body became more toned than before. Fat was redistributed to the proper places making her look like a surreal person. The bustier she was wearing now fully displayed the glory of her supple succubus flesh.

I could now truly believe she was someone who would appear in my wildest dreams.

Fuck, my dick is hard again.

Oof, calm down.

I patted Siliana's head to calm myself.

"Thank you human. I will not forget this debt. In the honor of the High Succubus, I will forever work to repay this kindness."

"It's okay, Siliana. You do not have to be alone anymore. Go and live like the Succubus that you are meant to be."

This is the least I could say to a fellow orphan.

"We, High Succubi treat our Virgin Ceremony very sacredly. Usually a succubus' family helps during the process…"

Ah…She didn't have anyone except me, right now.

I smiled and patted her head again so that she didn't start crying. I don't want my dick to go bonkers.

"So human, since you helped me with the ritual, from today you are my family."

"Yes, Siliana from today, I am your famil…"

Wait what?

She hugged me tightly again.

"I won't ever leave you, human!"


[Siliana has been added to Villain's Harem List]

[Siliana has been designated as Family]

[No. of free slots left: 4]


Why family?

I'll feel weird fucking my family.

Wait. No, I won't. I never had a family.

Nevermind then.

"Human, what is your name?" Siliana asked me.

I parted my lips like a true noble and elegantly outed my full name.

"Bigcoc. Adam Bigcoc."

I smirked.

Her eyes started glowing. "Adam!!!"

She rubbed her face again on my chest.

Ohhhh! Is she giving me the permission to touch her now?

Yea boi, enough chit chat, time to start the real fun.

I licked my lips and reached for her sexy black wings.

"Uhhm Adam?" She looked up at me.

"Yes, Siliana? What is it?"

"How did you know my name?" Siliana asked me.

I smiled at her.

Then I put my hand on her head.

"Adam?" She wondered why I was patting her again.

Firmly grabbing her head, I pushed my fingers inside her mouth.

Super Sexy Fingers!!!!

"Aaaaaaauuuuuuuu….!!!!!!!" She moaned loudly and passed out.

"Ah, she must be tired after the intense ceremony. I should let her rest." I clasped my hands and prayed for her. "I hope she rests and wakes up remembering none of the difficulties she faced in tonight's ceremony."

[Siliana's status has been updated. Would you like to see it?]

Not right now. I have important work to do.

I looked down at her open crotch. Love juices were gushing out wildly from her newly opened hole and dripping down on her new tail.

"Oh my beautiful bustier, how I have forever admired you and only looked at you in pictures!"

I kowtowed on the ground.

"Thank you God for this wonderful meal."

I looked at my dinner.

Her love juices were falling from her tail to the ground.


I protruded my tongue and touched the love juice on her tail. Her tail was rubbery but tasted heavenly. The taste of her pussy juice rapidly changed from sweet to spicy to cinnamon to chocolatey.

"Wha…what is this?!?!"

It was like a full course meal, the taste would leave any man love-sick for days.

I quickly tried to lick more but a portal opened up behind me.

G-cup Elder sister came out of it and looked down on me.

She gave me her characteristic smile and spoke.

"Adam Adam."

"Yes sister?"

"Eating Siliana?"

"No sister."

"Telling lies?"

"No sister."

"Open your mouth."


She whacked my head with her cane.

"Ken is dying over there. Didn't the screen tell you to save him, Adam?"

Huh? Who's Ken?

[Look over there]

I looked at the place where all the dead bodies were.

Oh no, Ken dying bro.

Anyway, I looked back to my Elder sister.

"You cleared the tutorial stage! From the Academy, the girls will be harder to seduce. Use the dating system on your screen to capture them." G-cup elder sister told me as she picked Siliana up with her magic and pushed her inside my shadow.

What? What did she do to my dinner?

[Siliana is a shadow assassin. Siliana has the skill to blend in your shadows]

Oh so G-cup elder sister kindly packed my meal for me?

She's so kind!

"Remember to prepare yourself to destroy the Hero!" She opened her portal again and entered it."Adios for now!"

"Adios! I love you G-cup elder sister. Come visit me again." I waved at the closing portal.

"Ugh…" a sound came from beside me.

I looked back at Ken again.

[Advise: Use the anti toxin Siliana dropped to cure Ken]

Sigh…I guess I have to do all the hard work now.

Oh well, I'll get to go home and meet my new hot mom soon!

Siliana: "...huh? Where am I?"

Adam: "Did you wake up, Siliana?"

Siliana: "Adam? Why am I in your shadow?"

Adam: "After the ceremony you got tired and wanted to rest with me, so I offered you my shadow."

Siliana: "I see. So, that's what happened..."

Adam: hehe, plan successful.

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