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(Warning! Extreme levels of puns intended!) Living in poverty and never having the chance to enjoy his youth, Alan died in an unexpected incident. He then wakes up to find himself as a side character in the novel he read as a child. "Welcome, chosen one! This is the world of Arcana!" "You have been bestowed with the title 'Girlfriend Thief'!" "Make the target woman submit to you using only your tongue and steal her from her boyfriend!" Will Alan be able to survive in this world of magic and monsters, using his new virile body? ---------------------------------- Additional tags: Smut-- Magic-- Handsome Male lead-- No NTR (only Netori) -- No Yuri --Vampire girls -- Elves-- Monster girls -- Demon girls -- Angels -- Dating simulator system -- Mind break ---------------------------------- "Some people think that money, power and looks is all it takes to keep their women from leaving them." "Some people think that women like gentle, kind and caring boys." "Some people think that any sort of roughness is a turn off." "But you are an exception, aren't you?" ~ Rosalind Stewart to Adam ----------------------------------- This novel does have action but most of it involves smut :D Reader discretion advised. ----------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!

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Safety Drill

In the orphanage, I was taught that intruding upon one's privacy is a heinous crime. I was taught this everyday in the morning, afternoon and night, from the dinner hall to the toilets. I do believe they hold certain implications in a social convention…However, if God is asking me to touch someone's privates, who am I to deny? KEKEKEKE

[Condition: Only use Siliana's hand while touching inside her genitalia]

Ah fuck. How am I supposed to touch her privates now?


[...I hurt his friend but he still comforted me…]

[This human is nice and warm…]

Sigh…I guess my pp feels sympathy for this orphan girl and it is clouding my judgement.

"Siliana. There is something bothering you, right?" I asked her.

She looked at me. Her face was tear stained due to all her sobbing.

"You have been rejected because you couldn't awaken your succubus powers, right?"

She started crying again and said, "Yes… a succubus without her tail and horns is just an imperfection…aughhhh…"

Her tears splashed on my shirt. A soft and sweet aroma arose from it and entered me as I breathed in her scent.

My eyes wandered down to her bust under the black robe she was wearing.

The silk and satin laces pressed down on her curvy white lissom teenage skin. The scent of her untouched body entered my nostrils and left me famished. Her tear stained eyes looked as if she had worn mascara only to seduce me. Her pointed ears softly touched the corners of my lips as she pressed her head against me, emptying her years of sadness in one go.

My brain became fuzzy as my chest kept touching her breasts.

Tonight, I wasn't going to let her go back to her home anymore.

Tonight, I wanted her. I wanted to undress her and touch her.

Suddenly, I snapped out of my daze.


I looked at her.

"Auuuughhh…." She had put her head on my chest.

High Succubus huh? Her succubus pheromones nearly got me.

I grabbed her shoulders again.

"Siliana, I can help you awaken your succubus powers."

She looked at me for a while and then again started crying…" You can't…auugggh…only the succubus herself can complete the ritual…. I have tried many times…aughhhh…I..I... never succeeded…"

She started sobbing harder.

Ahh, this is a pain in the ass.

Super Sexy Fingers!

My hands started glowing and I used it to rub Siliana's head.

I gently stroked her head and calmed her down.

She slowly stopped crying and looked at me.

"There is a way I can help you pierce your hymen." Softly, I whispered to her.

I brought my face close to her, our lips were separated only by a few inches of momentary separation.

"H..how…?" She asked me.

"Trust me and do as I say."

I grabbed her hand and held it.

Siliana blushed at my sudden actions.

I kept stroking her head to keep her calm and make her feel comfortable.

"Ah…." She slowly eased into my touch.

I slowly kissed the back of her hand. Her fingers were long and slender. The red nail polish she wore gave me a woody polished feeling in my trousers.

She looked at me with her lips slightly parted, anticipating my future movements.

Slowly, I started licking her fingers.

Starting from her index finger, I licked it from the head all the way to the base and then proceeded to lick the skin between her index and middle fingers…

"Auuhhh…", she waited patiently for me to finish what I was doing.

But I had a long way left to go.

I put in both of her fingers inside my mouth and stroked them with my tongue. First I rolled all the way around her fingers, licking every corner and then drowned them with my saliva.

Her lips parted further as she saw my actions.

I took out her hand from my mouth and pushed it inside hers.

Her eyebrows went up in surprise.

I softly pressed on her head and gently caressed her.

She took in her fingers that were covered with my saliva inside her mouth obediently.

"Lick them with your tongue, like I did."

She closed her eyes and started licking her fingers.

Nice. I smiled and took her other hand.

Chomping on it lightly, I started sucking her other hand's middle finger.

Her eyebrows had a character of their own as they jumped up at what I did.

I kept sucking on it, slowly sucking harder and licking it in various motions. Circular, up and down, slight touches. I wet both her middle and index fingers.

Siliana had started to follow my lead and she was doing the same with her other hand.

Time to start the real thing then.

"Siliana. I'm going to activate my powers now."

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her expression was filled with an unknown sentiment.

I activated Super Sexy Tongue and made a small spit of saliva over my tongue.

Then I put her fingers inside my mouth and splashed my special saliva on them, swirling my tongue around her fingers before finally sucking on them hard.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" Her voice echoed in the night. The forest woods returned her lewd moans ten fold.

Fuck, I forced her fingers back into her mouth.

Her face dampened to a deep shade of red and her eyes started tearing. I stroked her head to stop her from passing out.

"Ahnung…" she started licking her fingers unconsciously.


I pulled them back from her mouth again and flipped her over to the other side, so that her back was facing me.

Rubbing her head till she regained enough senses, I held both her arms in the air using my other hand so that the special concoction I prepared did not drip down.

I gently untied her robe and looked down at her private Ryan.

It was time for me to save it.

There was no hassle of removing any panties as she was wearing an open crotch bustier.

Did she hope someday her tail and horns would come out?

Good for her though, I've come along to save her from her distress.

Siliana finally gained enough consciousness to talk to me.

"Ah …what are you doing?" She turned her head to look at me.

I held both her hands by the wrists firmly and placed them near her entrance.

"Siliana… I will help you using my powers. Slowly push inside with your fingers."

Tears started flowing down her cheeks again.

"I ...I am scared ... .I…I will fail ag…"

I kissed her forehead.

"Trust me, this time you will succeed." I smiled at her.

She stopped crying.


"Yes. Focus and be the Beautiful Succubus that you deserve to be."

And join my Harem.

She solidified her resolve after my encouragement. Turning to look at her closed cave, she placed her fingers on the wall that had cut her off from a happy life.

All the years of melancholy will end tonight.

"Do it, Siliana."

She pressed her fingers, pushing to break down an unbreakable object.

"Ah, it's ..it's not working…" She tried her hardest.

Her hymen wasn't willing to break so easily.

"NO. TONIGHT YOU WILL BE A SEXY SUCCUBUS !" But neither was I willing to back down.

I activated my Super Sexy Fingers and held her hands tightly, pushing them in.

Her hole started glowing brightly.

My unstoppable force pushed and pushed until finally, it moved her immovable barrier.

We were in.

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