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(Warning! Extreme levels of puns intended!) Living in poverty and never having the chance to enjoy his youth, Alan died in an unexpected incident. He then wakes up to find himself as a side character in the novel he read as a child. "Welcome, chosen one! This is the world of Arcana!" "You have been bestowed with the title 'Girlfriend Thief'!" "Make the target woman submit to you using only your tongue and steal her from her boyfriend!" Will Alan be able to survive in this world of magic and monsters, using his new virile body? ---------------------------------- Additional tags: Smut-- Magic-- Handsome Male lead-- No NTR (only Netori) -- No Yuri --Vampire girls -- Elves-- Monster girls -- Demon girls -- Angels -- Dating simulator system -- Mind break ---------------------------------- "Some people think that money, power and looks is all it takes to keep their women from leaving them." "Some people think that women like gentle, kind and caring boys." "Some people think that any sort of roughness is a turn off." "But you are an exception, aren't you?" ~ Rosalind Stewart to Adam ----------------------------------- This novel does have action but most of it involves smut :D Reader discretion advised. ----------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!

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Romance in the Woods

"Whw, wha what?"

Siliana raised her head from the ground and looked at me.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "You heard me. What you're doing is sacrilegious."

She stood back up and picked up her daggers.

"What the hell are you saying, human? Do you think I can't kill you?"

I raised my hands towards the sky.

"It is Divine Knowledge! Do not curse at it!"

She took a step back and raised her daggers to her face cautiously.

"Wha…what do you mean?"

I let out a sigh of exasperation.

"You pretend to not understand when you very well do."

"Wha..what?" She looked at me like she genuinely didn't understand.

Hah! As if I was foolish enough to fall for her acts.

"I'm talking about YOU! You disrespect what has been given to you." I told her.

"Disrespect? What…what do you mean?"

"The bustier that you're wearing under that rag? You don't deserve to wear it!"

"How, how do you know what I'm wearing?"

I smirked. "It is but a Simple job for my eyes to find Outstanding beauty."

I had peeked inside her robe when the night wind had swayed it.

"Out…standing Beauty?"

I put my hand on my head and frisked my hair. "Of Course! The culmination of Sweetness, the ecstasy of being Unique, the Joy of having it! "

I pointed my finger towards her.

"The very fact that YOU don't understand."

Her face displayed a shocked expression.

I was talking about her lingerie. It was exquisite. The finesse was beyond human comprehension.

The design had brought such tears to my eyes that I had emptied a whole carton of tissues in one night.

"But I always thought I deserved it…" She looked down to the ground.

I smirked again.

"Amateur succubus."

She opened her eyes wide, her red iris glowing in the empty dark woods.

"Do...do you really think so?" She asked me.

I apporached her slowly.

"Don't ask me stupid questions." I put my hands on her shoulders." Of Course I think so."

I made an expression to show that her question was stupid.

Her face blushed and tears started to fall from the corner of her eyes.

Wow, my speech must have moved her.

[Advise: Read Siliana's thoughts to understand her feelings better]

Ah system kun, there's no need. My love for lingerie has ignited her feminine passion and now she sees the Truth like me.

[Advise: Read Siliana's thoughts to get a chance to touch her]

Oh my! That is absolutely despicable of you, system kun. How can you ask me to touch a stranger I have just met who shares the same love for Lingerie?

"...You're the first person who's called me beautiful…" Siliana said to me.


Called her beautiful?


But I never did?

I looked at her again.

She was crying. Tears soaked her cheeks.

Eh? System kun? What is happening?

[I did tell you to read her thoughts motherfucker]

Okay okay. There is no need for violence now.

Tell me, how do I read her thoughts?

[Reading target Heroine's thoughts: - 10 Tus]

[...This guy, he called me beautiful…]

Eh? Is this what Siliana is thinking right


[...He said I don't deserve to wear such cheap lingerie…]

Cheap lingerie?!?!?!?

[He looks stupid, but I don't detect any malice in his words. His eyes are big and gentle…]

What does she mean I look stupid?

She looks stupid! Fuck her!

Is there something wrong with my eyes?

Do I need to have sharp, curved eyes like her?

[...after I was abandoned by my family, nobody looked at me anymore. Everybody treated me like an outcast…]

Siliana was still crying. She didn't say anything and kept looking at me.

My anger had almost reached the point of no return, but good for her I have a HARD spot in my HEART for crying women.

[...Ever since I failed the Succubus ceremony, I have been treated like a nuisance…]

Was she also abandoned by others like me?

[...having to run this group where everybody hates me…I am tired of it…I want to go home…but nobody wants me back…]

Hmmm…I feel bad for her. Being an orphan myself, I understand how it feels to be abandoned.

[Maybe this guy is lying…but I don't want to believe that he is… I am scared of being rejected by everyone…I am scared…]

Her face was covered with tears. She had long eyelashes and red eyebrows. Her lips also had a deep color of red which contrasted with her super pale skin. Her long red hair fell on her face and got in the way of her tears.

I slowly reached for her face and brushed her hair aside.

"Don't worry, Siliana. Everything will be alright."

I hugged her.

My dick was hard as her crying face turned me on and I didn't want her to see it.

She put her hands around me and pressed her body against my chest.

"Augggghhhhg….", she started crying on my shoulder.

Her delicate breasts pushed against me as the excessive strength in her arms almost choked me to death.

There were only three thin layers of fabric separating our naked bodies.

My fucking pee pee meanwhile enjoyed it and showed no signs of rest.

I softly stroked the back of her head since I couldn't stroke my dick.

"Augghhh….", she kept sobbing.

A fellow orphan was crying in front of me. I felt compassion for her as I saw myself in her place.

Is there some way I can help her?

[Advise: Read Background Information of Heroine to figure out her problem]

Correct! That way I can figure out what's causing her grief.

[Obtaining Target Heroine's Background Information: -500 Tus]

500 Tus?! That's costly as fuck!

[Information obtained]

[Succu Succu Siliana was born in the main and pure bloodline of the Succu Succu Noble family of the High Succubus Race, in the great lands of Succu Succu…]

Stop! Stop! Too much information.

Just tell me what is wrong with her.

[The High Succubus Race conducts a ceremony where the young female succubus must pierce her hymen with her own fingers. This will promote the growth of magic powers and her horns and tails will come out.]

[Siliana has an excessively thick hymen due to her dense dormant mana]

[Being unable to pierce her hymen at a young age, she was never able to awaken her succubus powers]

Huh? Horns and tails?

I looked at Siliana. She had neither horns, nor a tail.

[Succu Succu Siliana is currently unable to unleash her full succubus powers since her hymen is still intact.

Break her hymen in 1 hour.

Condition: Use ONLY Siliana's hand when touching inside her genitalia.

Reward: 1000 Tus

Siliana can be added to Villain's Harem]

Siliana: His eyes are so sexy...

Adam: How dare she call me stupid?!

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