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A man turn the male character of anime/manga into the sissy/femboy. using system to make them for his own entertainment. if you are not into this so please don't read it and give review because you don't like it before you even read it. mc is straight but have a weird fetish. my English is not good but I am trying to improve it. if story has mistakes please comment than I will correct them. Story is inspired by femboy maker. it's not a copy I make the changes in it. update schedule: 1 chapter in 3 days. thanks you please support.

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6 months....

Sasuke pov:

It's been 6 months since in got this system.

Many things happened in this period of time,

System started giving me pills that can increase my strength but in my opinion it's too slow I don't complain about it because they are free. My hair has grown long enough to reach my mid-back and I am now used to wear women's undergarments and above all that I feel comfortable in them. It's not weird right.

I am now 8 years. My morning start routine starts with a bath using all the products that system provides to me. Now a days my chest has a tickling feeling but it feels refreshing after a bath. After that I wear my lingerie and on that I wear my regular clothes and tie my hair in a single ponytail. After checking everything. I get to Ninja Academy

As for why I an not training myself at home is because people will get Suspicious of me that's why. As always in classroom two girls where fighting over who will sit next to me.

What was there name? Oh ya sakura and ino

Both are good but I don't know why fight for a sit. But there is boy who stares at me with angry expression but don't care my goal Is to revive my parents and kill that bastard.

After school end I get straight to my home

And started practicing house chores in which i do the whole work of my house like I always do as I hasn't master it completely.

[▪︎ Task: A women should know how to do house chores.

Description: learn and master the house work such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Task processing rate: 62.45%

Reward: Three Tomoe Sharingan.]

After reaching 60% it got slow but I am not going to give up.

After 1 hr I completed my chores for

today. I get to my backward to Practice lighting breathing style that I brought 4 months ago with a Chakra katana (high quality) I named my katana 'shirosaki'

I still couldn't use it's full power because my

Couldn't keep up with it but one day I will master it.

After training for 6 hrs. I take a hot bath to wash all the sweat and washing and hair with shampoo and conditioner. After a fresh bath

I change into new lingerie and on it a pink silk nightie. I made myself a dinner. After finish it and cleaning the dishes I get to my bedroom.

I sit on my bed for meditating to get a hold on my Chakra control. After 1hr of meditation I drowse as fell on my bed.

After wearing nightie I don't get nightmare about my bastard brother.

Pov End.