12 Gaining Experience

I set out on my journey from the Red Lotus Sect with a sense of purpose and determination.

My destination was the infamous Bandit Den, hidden deep within the Ku Jing Mountains. The journey was said to take at least six hours for a cultivator of the foundation-building realm, but I knew that as an enlightenment realm cultivator, my speed and agility would cut that time in half.

I had mastered the Cloud Step Technique, a powerful skill that allowed me to move with lightning speed. I couldn't wait to put it to the test on this journey. As I made my way through the mountains, I felt a sense of excitement building within me. I knew that this journey would be the perfect opportunity to hone my skills and become stronger than ever.

As I travelled, I couldn't help but use the Cloud Step Technique, feeling the familiar rush of wind as I moved faster and faster.

Before I knew it, the Bandit Den was in sight. I had made it in less than an hour, proving to myself that I truly was a master of the technique.

The bandit Den is well-hidden deep between mountains. They are vicious and engage in all sorts of criminal activities, such as looting travellers, destroying nearby villages, and even raping and selling girls as slaves.

It was puzzling to me why the city that controlled the area of Ku Jing Mountain, had not taken action against the Black Thunder bandit group, as they were much more powerful than the bandits. The mission was assigned by a merchant who was robbed by them and wants revenge, requesting it from the Red Lotus Sect.

From the information provided, the leader of the Black Thunder bandit group is only at the sixth stage of Foundation Building and has over 50 followers in the Body Refinement realm. It's unlikely that such a large bandit group could operate independently, so there must be someone behind them providing support and their cultivation realm must be higher to control such an unruly group. I must be careful of this person.

With a sense of determination and a hint of nervousness, I made my way towards the bandit den. My cultivation level was at the peak of the enlightenment realm, and I knew that with my cultivation, I could easily kill the bandits. But, I also knew that I needed combat experience to truly hone my skills.

So, I made a calculated decision to lower my cultivation level to the tenth stage of the body refinement realm to match these bandits.

The entrance to the den was hidden behind a dense thicket of bushes, but with my heightened senses, I was able to find it easily. I pushed aside the foliage and stepped into the dark, narrow tunnel that led deep into the earth. The air was musty and damp, and the only light came from the occasional flickering torch that lined the walls.

As I walked deeper into the den, my heart began to race. I knew that the bandits were dangerous and ruthless, but I also knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me to gain the experience I needed. I pushed away my fears and focused on my mission.

Finally, I reached the main chamber of the den. The dimly lit cave was filled with the smell of alcohol and the sound of loud laughter. I saw a group of men sitting on rocks and wooden tables, drinking and chatting happily. Their faces were carefree, and it was hard to believe that these were the same bandits who have killed countless people until now.

I scanned their cultivation base with my spiritual sense and determined that they were only at the sixth to the eighth stage of the body refinement realm.

As Wang Chen stepped forward, the group was taken aback by his sudden appearance. They were shocked that he had been able to approach them without alerting them, and they couldn't help but wonder who this mysterious figure could be. It was not a mortal, they thought, who would dare to enter such a dangerous place.

As they looked at Wang Chen, they could sense that this was not going to be a peaceful conversation. They knew that they were not a match for this powerful warrior, so they needed to be prepared for the worst and then they started acting tough to buy time until reinforcement arrive.

Wang Chen stood tall and fearless as the bandits closed in on him, weapons drawn.

"Who are you? Do you know this is the black thunder bandit group's territory?" one of them sneered, pointing a dagger at Wang Chen.

"You must be aware of the consequences of trespassing here. Hand over your wealth now or face the consequences," another bandit said with a sinister grin.

But Wang Chen remained silent, his body tensing as he prepared for battle.

"Looks like you're not interested in a peaceful resolution," a bandit with a thick beard sneered as he lunged forward, ready to attack.

As the bandits closed in on Wang Chen, he took note of their every move. He could see the way they held their weapons and the way they moved their bodies, and he used this knowledge to his advantage.

The first bandit lunged forward with his dagger, but Wang Chen sidestepped the attack and used the momentum to deliver a powerful punch to the bandit's face, rendering him unconscious.

The second bandit swung a crude axe wildly, but Wang Chen was able to anticipate the move and dodge it easily. He then delivered a swift kick to the bandit's stomach, causing him to double over in pain.

The bandit with the thick beard was the most formidable of them all. He had a wild and reckless fighting style, but Wang Chen was able to stay calm and patient. He observed the bandit's moves, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Finally, the bandit left an opening and Wang Chen took it, delivering a powerful blow to the bandit's chest, ending the fight.

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