579 Stopwatch, Sewer, and Potential Dao

Chapter 579 – Stopwatch, Sewer, and Potential Dao

Previously, Miaomiao used his dark domain to hide his supreme stopwatch.

Stopwatch of Time Sovereign (System Artifact) (Soulbound) 

*This item can only be used by Mao Miaomiao. 

This artifact amplifies the power of Chrono Element for Mao Miaomiao at the price of his lifespan. It comes with three functions. 

Time Stopper

Time Stopper mimics Mao Miaomiao's power to freeze time flow. Its domain range is 100 kilometers. Upon activation, the watch consumes 100 years of lifespan from the user, and the effect lasts one minute. 

The user may increase the time-stopping range by increasing the lifespan consumption rate. 

Time Accelerator


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