311 End of Quest, Return of Troublemakers 

Chapter 311 – End of Quest, Return of Troublemakers

"I hate this place."

Ju Shoufen muttered to herself while she stood in front of the portal to Liu Bian's shadow plane. She hated this place as it reminded her about yesterday's incident. 

Wang Yun, aka Mike, had cooperated with Liu Bian by abducting everyone to the underground pylon tower. Then, the former used the tournament spectators and all participants as meat shields to fight Liu Bian's undead soldiers. As for him, he backstabbed Liu Bian and attempted to cripple both princes. 

Liu Bian pretended to be powerless at first and allowed Mike to use his blood to open the portal to the shadow realm. But when the portal was opened, Liu Bian summoned several death knights and attacked everybody, including Mike. 

Then, the troublesome lich appeared, and the exits were sealed. Liu Bian began the massacre. 


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