Villain's Valor: A Noble Fantasy Resurrection

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What is Villain's Valor: A Noble Fantasy Resurrection

Read Villain's Valor: A Noble Fantasy Resurrection novel written by the author Roseiinthegarden on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Shrouded in a veil of mystery and darkness, a sinister threat lurks among the shadows, weaving its plan from the depths of a forgotten past. The emergence of this voracious darkness threatens to devour everything in its path, and as Anthony embarks on a desperate quest for truth, he faces moral dilemmas, betrayals he never imagined, and sacrifices that defy all logic. On his journey, every shadow seems to hide a secret, every step toward the light reveals a new layer of darkness. Who is friend and who is foe in this dangerous game between light and darkness? What ancient forces stir beneath the surface, waiting for their moment to emerge and ravage everything in their path? With each discovery, Anthony delves deeper into a labyrinth of intrigue and danger, where the very future of his world hangs by a thread, and the only certainty is that truth is even more elusive than the shadows that conceal it. ******* Show me your support if you enjoy my story! You can help me by giving me your power stones or even giving me gifts with golden tickets, this motivates me to keep writing! Thank you very much for reading my novel! You can also add it to your collection! Write a review!

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :First steps
Volume 2 :Infernal eclipse

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It's my own book that you expected, I like the way I'm writing my story. If you like it as much as I do, write a review. And send me gifts!


starts off good but devolves into standard fantasy trash. MC goes on a adventure and spends 10 chapters in a dungeon. then it's all about the guild. there is no story just same old same old filler.


The story and world building seems interesting, but the MC just feels plain and boring. The interactions are just flat and simple.


Hello author I wanted to know if there is lemons and harem in this novel ? Also is there ntr or Yuri in this novel?


It’s good One best good reads I found these days


Very good novel! I liked! Keep up the good work! Although the first few are short, the other chapters certainly make up for them. The story is very interesting as is the MC


I must say that I found some of the chapters boring because of all the descriptions it had, and although it is boring, I am impressed by those details of imagining and describing the actions of the characters in the environment, but still not. Don't abuse it say, but personally I would prefer that he not apologize to every person that the other Anthony hurt, unless they are significant people, the first interaction he had with Ezequiel gave me a good vibe and I enjoyed it a lot, and overall the novel grabs you and it generates suspense about what will happen in the next chapter, another thing would be to delve into the romance, small episodes of courtship or things like that.


I really liked the book, the beginning was a little bad, but the upper chapters are of better quality and writing. The history of the world and the characters are interesting.


I can say with pride, this book is beautiful. Although I still have some chapters left, it was enough to make me want to continue reading. Personally, I love this book.


Writing quality is very shaky at first (maybe translated?) but it improves drastically after 80 chapters and the prose becomes really good. MC is kinda cringe but in a way that grows on you and somewhat relatable and the pacing is a nice slow burn that you don't see often. Side plots and secondary characters are also interesting. I recommend it.


I really liked the book, and the plot and depth of the story are very interesting. Recommended!


Is this novel competing in WSA 2024? Please reply.


and i just now realized that I didn't review this novel . It's good read it 😀


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