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For a second there I forgot I'm a shameless author and it's my duty to review my book with a 5 star... *Ahem* Anyway, this will be a qna review so, ask your queries away dear readers.

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The grammer in this novel is really good and i understand everything happening really well. The mc is very interesting and we as a reader are seeing him grow from being a simp. The lore and world building is unique and leaves you with many mysteries


I must say I really like the story development. I think the mc is not inherently evil, the way he was raised is evil, not experiencing the love of his parents and no friends. If he was rescued before all that he won't be thinking the way he is now but yeah the world is truly broken...actually there's no evil and good. Bruh I'm allergic to pure goodness without anything in exchange lol, that's absurd. I like how the mc is evil hehehehe. Although, can i just ask if the romance is already cut off from him or there will be another? how will this end I'm excited to find out


How can anyone even like this? The main character is a complete loser. Honestly disgusting to read. Had to force myself into reading a chapter. Simp MC


The story has a lot of potential, but it is wasted in a easily evitable way. The most common problems are: - LOL. - The author explain as something work just to forget it and making it work in a different way. - Irrealistic or dumb plot device (alert minor spoiler, jump to the next point if you don’t want know: an explosion that erase 75 square km of the city where the mc is, but he says he doesn't know anything because he didn't watch the news and he was at a friend house, friend that previously he said was in the same city. To not add that even though the explosion happened in a residential district there were just 67 deaths). - Expression used in the wrong way. Although I may sound harsh (both here and in the comments) I don't want to offend the author, but just point out thing that in a much needed rewrite should be corrected. As said before the novel has a lot of potential and it sadden and annoy me to see it wasted. I hope to not have offended or upset the author with this review or my other comments.


man, this story got me so hyped that I want to keep reading more. I recommend keep reading. the author did a good job and I'm looking forward to a next chapter.


Good villain novel with an mc that does what he wants without caring about others feelings. So far the plot has been exciting, writing quality is good, updates stable, charas maybe need a little more depth but its fine as is.


please stop saying lol when they talk. They're not texting its real life. at least do haha. that makes it so much better already.


Nice premise, reading about a villain definitely has tons of potential, but this isn't a villain, it's just an edgy powertrip fantasy. Also, "lol" has no place in a novel, especially not if ou want it taken seriously. The world background is good, the little we know of it anyways, seems like other planets are populated, and the whole hero vs villain dynamic has a lot of potential, as it always has. I'll be stopping here however, no point reading more when i already think the MC is pathetic, not because of his killing or his god complex, but because of how he talks, how he acts and many other things.


Ngl I didn't expected much from this kind of premise but you did a good job delivering the story. Also tbth I think this one is better than your first book, you're improving and I, who has read both of your works, love to see you developing so great job. The characters' are still being introduced but I like Sam, he gives me Klaus vibes from the originals and I f'king love it! The world is being set up and you're doing a good job keeping your readers guessing. I don't have much to say about development right now but I think the story is heading somewhere, somewhere I would like to see so good luck writing. There aren't many villain stories. I mean there are story about bad guys, but not villains you know, the kind of people you'd love to read about but hate to meet in real life, Sam is that kind of villain. He calls his murder 'hunt', he talks to the dead body of people that he had killed. He is twisted in the head and I like it so good luck writing him. 4.8 stars for now, I will recommend this to some of my friends too.


I hate to say it but the main character is a simp. Instead of making her fall in love with him, why does he act like the inferior and goes to mess with that other man. I think she doesn’t like him because he is too nice to her that caused her to Friendzone him. Like the saying goes in order to capture one must let loose. He should never show that he likes her or she will feel less interested. Simping=Death


all good but would please add simp to the tags .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .... . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. ... .. ..


well it's a good novel and you should give it a read whatever problems you had in the beginning will be solved in the later stages his character is developing and I can say that author is one of the best authors on the Web Novel. oh and by the way our MC is a Villain (more like a AntiHero) but still don't come here and expect a goodey goodey two shoes who does everything for the benefit of people no he is not like that and that is the charm of him


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Its good stuff 😫 ......,... .......... .... ............ .. ......... .......... .... ............ .. .................. .... ............ .. ..........


Finally, I finished it. Ok, so here's my review. I come here to read this novel because I like This author's other novel, "I will kill the Author" a lot and I heard that this novel's Protagonist is the main villain of that novel. But you know it's totally worth my time. He ll, Only last chap is enough to make it worth it. It will definitely be in my top 10 novel list. In the first 20 chap, MC is simple, and in Starting chapters Author uses the lol word in conservation a lot but after that, he gets better and the Author stops using lol. After the first few chaps the story, writing, and grammar will get better and better. Although the last few chaps namely 120 to 135 are a bit boring and confusing. But the Author improves a lot as the story goes on and stops giving those cringe names... At least He tried. Definitely one of the top authors on this App. You can tell how much I like it from I complete this in 2 days... 2 nights to be more accurate. But I have a Que here to Author. [Spoiler] Why didn't StarSuper destroy That Dragon fossil?? They have two things to protect, Fossil and a life branch. He can't destroy the latter for obvious reasons but if he destroyed the fossils he could focus solely on defending that live branch and stop Sam from another power-up and might be able to defeat him. Don't tell me he couldn't become for god's sake he can destroy a moon and there are some abilities that can literally reduce those fossils to atoms. Wow, I usually don't like writing reviews but I couldn't stop myself from writing this. Good job. 😉😉


So, my one of the favourite Webnovel is finished. I really like this journey. I hope you will make a side stories as fan request to you. I reall love this novel.


Honestly I wish dis story was a lot longer but sadly this story will be coming to a end soon.the only problem I have with villain’s rising is the fact the plot wasn’t more detailed and honestly this seems a bit too rushed if u would to put I would say a good 3 yrs into this book it would be one of the best Webnovels on the platform


Why did the updates stop? Don't tell me the novel ended and I can only finish this novel by purchasing privilege! If there was an hiatus announcement, a privileged please inform, if not author please unlock the chapters!