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Working as a henchman for his childhood crush hasn't been great. But Sam is a hopeless romantic. Even though she's a failed supervillain, he decided to work with her so that he can at least stay by her side. Although things began to change when Kiara, his childhood crush, started developing feelings for a particular young man. Now if it was just any other guy, he would've met with some unfortunate 'accident' already but the guy in question was none other than the son of the strongest superhero himself. Starboy aka Anthony Willburn, the reason for all their failures up until now; and she decided to fall for THAT guy!? Sam couldn't accept this absurdity and decided to ruin his love rival's life by embracing his destiny and rising as a supervillain himself. Set in a distant future where only the chosen few are graced with superpowers, the story will mainly focus on the perspective of our protagonist as he will enroll in an academy of superheroes to get close to his love rival and find his weakness all the while maintaining his life as a supervillain.

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1. Towards A Future Where She Is Mine

"What the hell are you doing and why is it taking so long!?" Shouted Kiara. It was clear from her outburst just now that she was at the end of her rope.

"Just a minute Kiara, this wound is too deep to be left untreated," Sam replied calmly, not minding the earlier complaints of a silver-haired girl sitting in front of him.

"Yeah well, it's taking too long! Why do I have a henchman without any support powers while all the big shot supervillains do!" Kiara complained again, this time rolling her pearl-like purple eyes.

"Maybe because you don't have many options to choose from lol," Sam replied jokingly, but it seems like he hit a nerve.

"Shut up! I'll have you know I can take on the whole superhero roster all alone!" Kiara arrogantly flipped her silver hairs.

"Sure girl sure, I agree with that statement, you can take on them all except him... The Starboy." Sam commented as he finished up treating the wound on Kiara's right arm.

He expected another outburst from the silver-haired girl after mentioning the person responsible for her injury, but in return, he met with silence. Seeing this he looked up to face the girl but instead of anger, he found her... blushing.

"Why the fuck are you blushing!? I have been treating your wounds since childhood!" Totally losing his earlier calm demeanor, Sam couldn't help but shout after seeing his childhood crush blush like that.

"I-It's not that you idiot! Never mind, we're done here let's go." Kiara ordered her henchman while getting up.

Currently, the duo was in their secret compound, the base of all their operations. Although they call it that, the compound was a steel bunker in an abandoned city; but equipped with all kinds of high-end technology, the bunker has served them well all these past few years and will continue to do so in the future.

The silver-haired girl went and stood in front of a mirror and removed the black mask revealing the beautiful face that was hidden before. She was a great beauty in her late teens. Her bright purple eyes gave off a royal aura, she doesn't need anything else to convey that she's from a high background.

Looking in the mirror as if admiring her beauty for a moment, she then tied her silver hair back into a ponytail and began to undress.

Although Sam was still present in the room the girl wasn't worried about anything. Perhaps it's because the boy has already seen her without clothes countless times to treat her wounds or maybe she doesn't see him as a man, to begin with.

"Kiara! How many times do I have to tell you!? No taking your clothes off when I'm present!" the black-haired boy shouted with an embarrassed face.

"Jeez you're such a child Sam and besides you've already seen me without clothes so what's the big deal?" Kiara asked with an arched eyebrow while putting on a black tank top and blue jeans from the closet.

"And I've told you multiple times already, that and this is different things! Anyway look here" Sam turned on the news on his monitor and played it on the big holographic screen.


"White Walker is dead! I repeat, White Walker is dead! The suspects according to our informants are Night Crawler and Lady Medusa! The duo is also being held responsible for the destruction of Yokohama city that happened last month."

"Medusa has taken down White Walker. According to our reports, Starboy couldn't get to the scene of the crime until he was too late."

"I say purge those two! The duo has waged war against the whole hero association! Do they think they can take on the whole world alone!"

"Starboy apologizes for not arriving at the crime scene until it was too late. Although he managed to injure Medusa, who is one of the suspects, he still couldn't save White Walker."


Every media, every news outlet broadcasted the same thing over and over again- "White Walker is dead. The reason? Medusa and her henchman Crawler."

The news showed the footage of Los Angeles, the city of White Walker. People were on the streets, mourning the loss of their hero, their protector.

"We've done it huh. We have finally taken down White Walker. The city of angels is defenseless right now, taking their relic will be as easy as taking candy from a baby." Sam commented as he paused the news, canceling all the noise that speakers were once creating.

"So when should we commence?" asked Sam while removing his black mask and revealing the chiseled face that was hidden underneath.

The young man wasn't too skinny or too chubby, the ideal description would be, well built. His two black eyes resembled two deep abysses, his silky black wavey hair could easily claim the heart of any maiden, though the one he wants for himself is clueless about his feelings, that or she just doesn't want to hurt him.

"Yeah about that... how about if we don't target L.A for now." Kiara replied hesitantly.

"WHAT!! WHY!?" Sam couldn't help but ask in disbelief. Why would she even say that, the absurdity!

It took them countless tries to take down a calamity class superhero, if the association were to assign a new calamity class hero to L.A, which they of course will, then the only chance of obtaining their goal would be gone.

"Is it because of him? The Starboy? Are you scared of him?" Sam regained his cool in the next moment and asked calmly.

"What!? No! I just don't think we're ready to take him on, that's all." Kiara averted her gaze and replied strongly.

She expected some kind of argument but instead, the black-haired boy calmly spoke;

"Fine, as you wish mistress." without waiting for any further reply, Sam took a lift and exited the bunker.

Kiara however didn't leave immediately. She took out her phone and unlocked it. A picture of the one they call Starboy reflected in her eyes.

The girl couldn't help but blush at the sight of the boy that she has fought many times but for some reason these past few months she couldn't help but pull her punches while going against him.

"This is wrong..." Kiara murmured in a soft voice, reminding herself of what she was doing was awry.

With a sigh, she shut the gallery and threw her phone on the nearest table before exiting the bunker herself.


"That dumb girl! I can't believe her! She's falling for THAT bastard! HIM!!? The ONE guy who I couldn't kill!? The one guy who was the reason for all our downfalls for all these years!!?" Sam couldn't help but question the sanity of the girl he's in love with.

(I mean, are you sure she's developing feelings for him?) a voice asked in Sam's head.

"Of course, I'm fucking sure! You should know that better than anyone, no one, NO ONE can escape my mind-reading, not even Medusa herself." Sam responded in a furious tone.

"Well, then you just have to send this brat to the afterlife, like all the other ones who dared to get too close to your queen" The voice resounded in Sam's head again.

"...This one is not that easy. He could very well be truly immortal just like Kiara and me. We don't even know his full powers yet, even with all of my limiters removed, I doubt I can take him all by myself." Sam acknowledged earnestly, switching on the lights of his apartment.

The boy they're talking about is Starboy himself. It's not a light topic, the man could survive the temperature of the Sun's core for god's sake, and his father, his father is the strongest superhero in the history of mankind.

It is said that Starboy's father, Starsuper alone killed the king of Mars and freed the Martians from his cruel reign.

Killing the son of a superhero of that caliber will bound to have some consequences.

"Samael Gracefell, you have the power to surpass all the evolved ones in history! Why worry about such mundane things? Embrace your potential and reign above all mortals. Why become a king when you can be a God. And I've told you this before, you can have anyone you want, why are you worrying about such a simple girl-"

"NO! I too have told you, again and again, I want her and no one else!" Sam denied without any hesitation;

"But you are right about embracing me, I think it's time to come out of the shadows and take the first steps towards a future where she is mine."

Yahello guys! This is a new not so original idea but I wanted to write it nonetheless so here it is!

Now I know some of you don't like simp characters... well me neither XD. Jokes aside read till chapter 10 before deciding to drop this.

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