Villain's Plot Reversal System

I died, and my soul transmigrated inside the body of Lei Yang, a ruthless villain who dies in the early stages of the cultivation novel I was reading. But with my transmigration came a system that will help me reverse the plot of this novel and make me invincible. I was ready to cultivate my way to immortality and face all the difficulties with this system, but after the random draws, I started to wonder if this really was a cultivation novel. [A Certain Chemistry Teachers Crystal Meth Recipe] [An Apple: Liked by a Certain Death God] [Demon Slaying Katana: Masamune] And so began my story for the entertainment of the gods. ************************** 100 Power Stones = Extra Chapter **************************

RealRomanLord · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
18 Chs

Chapter 3: Extra Feature

[Crystal Meth Recipe]

A recipe made by a high school teacher who got into the drug business with his former student.

It has been modified by the system so it works for this world's people. Its Addiction and Pleasure properties have increased greatly. If consumed too much, the consumer will have a mental breakdown.

Slight increase in Cultivation and Spiritual energy.

[Enchanted Undergarment Set]

This set includes Boxer shorts and a Vest that have been enchanted by a magician with multiple spells. These are becoming quite popular and are always sold out.


[Size Adjustment]



[Colour Change]

I look at the descriptions of the first two draws and stop reading.

I was a little interested in the [Enchanted Undergarments] and was feeling a little glad that I drew them since they were always sold out. But that was not the point that needed to be focused on.

"System, what is this?", I say pointing my finger at the first description.

[It's a drug recipe]

If this were some anime, bulging vines would have popped around my temple.

I try and calm down my rising anger.

"I can see it's a drug recipe. I am asking why is it here?", I ask in a calm voice.

[Because the host drew it]

"YOU BASTARD OF A SYSTEM!!!", I shout in anger.

I don't know what was wrong with me and why was I getting angry so easily.

"How is this in any way related to cultivation!?"

[This is Alchemy]

"System don't try to be smart and give me a straight answer. The undergarments are even enchanted with magic. Why is magic present in a cultivation novel?"

"Why am I drawing these things!?"

The system does not respond to my questions and then, after a few seconds, a screen pops in front of me.

[The system is not allowed to reveal much at the moment. The more stories the host clears, the more answers the host will get. As for the random draws, It is a little feature a certain god added in secret to make things more interesting]

[Originally, the random draws were supposed to draw things within the Chinese Mythology but they were modified to draw from all over the universes and different timelines.]

"Who is this God that added this feature?"

[The names of Gods can't be revealed yet]

"Can anything be done to remove this feature?"

[Nothing can be done]

I give out a long sigh

'Since I have no other choice, let's just roll with this I guess'

I was feeling a little disappointed since I wouldn't be able to get those super strong-sounding cultivation techniques when a sudden realization hit me.

"System show me all the descriptions!", I say in an impatient tone.

[Protection Talisman]

(1-time use)

Talisman that is blessed by a holy priest.

Grants complete protection against physical attacks and blocks them three times.

[Universal Cologne]

A cologne made by an alchemist who never took showers. He made this miraculous cologne so people would not complain about his bad body smell.

When others smell this cologne, they will only smell their favorite fragrance.

(After the whole bottle is used, the effect becomes permanent)

[Mother of Dragons Costume]

The actual costume from the set.

The system has modified the costume for the current world use. Grants complete protection against fire.

Affinity with dragons is Maximum.

[Nightstalker Cloak]

Made with the feathers of black feathery creatures that roam the forests in a mystical world. They have human bodies that are covered with raven-like feathers.

Skill (Raven Shift): You disappear in a cloud of black feathers and can teleport up to 40 feet away to a location you can see with your eyes. (3 times use in a day)


Considered to be the finest Samurai sword, designed by Masamune, the greatest swordsmith in Japan.

The system has modified the sword for current world use. Sword has become more durable and its sharpness has increased.

Skill (Quick Draw): Draw the sword from its sheath and put it back as if it was never drawn. The thing you wanted to be cut will be cut.

(2 hours cooldown)

[Rorgran's Complete Assassination Guide]

Rorgran was a demon from a chaotic world's hell. There was no demon who had not heard of his name there as he was the most feared assassin throughout that hell. He died in an attempt to assassinate the king who ruled over that world's hell, which everyone thought failed. But the king also didn't live long after Rorgran's death, as he was poisoned by his custom-made poison that had no known antidote.

Contains Rorgran's complete Assassination Skills And Techniques.

Contains Rorgran's complete Assassination Equipment Recipes.

Contains Rorgran's complete Assassination Poison Recipes.

(Spend 1000 Reversal Points to Learn Guide)


This is not just a simple apple, it is an apple filled with supernatural energies that can't be explained by mortals. Only Gods who rule over death may have some use for this.

It can't be eaten but it can be traded with death gods of different worlds.

If it is put on the body of a person who died recently, that person can be revived.

[Asmodeus's Techniques (Complete)]

The devil that made even the holiest Goddesses beg for pleasure and made them fall from heaven has finally revealed his complete techniques. He released this book explaining what can be done in different situations and what type of girls requires what treatment in bed.

Learn all of Asmodeus's Pleasure techniques and skills.

(Spend 500 Reversal Points to Learn)

If an extra 200 Reversal points are paid, you will get a video of Asmodeus performing these techniques on a Goddess who was totally willing to participate…Eventually. (Uncensored Version).

When I was done reading the descriptions I could not believe my eyes.

Yes, some of them were wired but I could still use them for many different purposes. This was a complete and broken cheat even when it had the factor of randomness.

I can use items and skills that no one has seen or heard of before to make a story that is definitely going to be interesting.

Now I was really feeling glad that I got this feature and wanted to thank the god who put this in the system.

"System", I say in a calm voice.

[Yes Host]

"I am sorry for shouting"

[There is no need for apologies]

After a little bit of silence, I ask the system in a low voice,

"How will I watch the video in this world?"

[Don't worry host, I'll play it for you on my screen]