Villain's Journey Towards Destruction

The world is ruled by superpowers. Heroes and Villains roam around the world. Heroes, the so-called protectors of peace. And Villains, the so-called disturbers of the peace. Jack believed that as well... Until the heroes ruined his life. His whole being was fueled by rage, and after one faithful day... The destiny of the World of Paradise, was never going to be same. One minor ripple in destiny, caused massive waves that no one could have ever anticipated. ________________________________ Disclaimer: The cover photo isn't mine, if you are the creator of the picture and you want it to be removed, please tell me

Alekzi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
109 Chs

The End.

10 Years Later...

World of Paradise has changed in a way no one could have expected.

First of all...

Death Continent has been renamed... Or more precisely, the name got restored as Hope Continent.

But, Hope Continent is still separated from the rest of the world.

Jack covered the whole continent on his forcefield, no one could leave it, and no one can enter it.

That was the wish of Lucifer and the citizens of Hope Continent.

The second thing that shocked the world was the appearance of new races!

There were beautiful races but also hideous races.

There was discrimination at first, but slowly... The mindset of the citizens changed.

But, there is still some part of Humanity that can't accept that they need to share Paradise with other, unknown races.