Villain's Journey Towards Destruction

The world is ruled by superpowers. Heroes and Villains roam around the world. Heroes, the so-called protectors of peace. And Villains, the so-called disturbers of the peace. Jack believed that as well... Until the heroes ruined his life. His whole being was fueled by rage, and after one faithful day... The destiny of the World of Paradise, was never going to be same. One minor ripple in destiny, caused massive waves that no one could have ever anticipated. ________________________________ Disclaimer: The cover photo isn't mine, if you are the creator of the picture and you want it to be removed, please tell me

Alekzi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
109 Chs


This World is called Paradise.

Paradise is slightly larger than the earth, with five massive continents being the center of it.

First Continent is called Hope. It is the size of Europe with hundreds of countries, smaller and bigger ones.

Hope is a country that isn't the strongest or wealthiest, but they have something that other continents don't... It is a thing called Power Core. Since the dawn of time, a vast core has been buried deep in the ground which gives citizens of that place extraordinary powers, but with great power, comes great danger.

Their power was first manifested 200 years ago, it can be considered as a miracle or disaster... Other Continents heard about the mysterious Power Core, and because of their greed, they wanted it for themselves...

4 Other Continents rushed with their militaries towards Hope.

Those 4 Continents are called Freedom, Kindness, Peace, and Eternity.

Freedom Continent was the first one to reach Hope, and with their pursuit of power, they started a bloody war, but they kept losing and losing, because the powers the citizen of Hope got, was more powerful than they ever could have imagined.

Instead of becoming depressed because getting the power core was impossible, they became even more greedy and wanted it more.

Then the Kindness Continent reached Hope, they assisted Freedom and they finally started winning battles, but there were still heavy casualties.

People from Peace Continent arrived a week later and the fight became more one-sided. People from Hope were despairing, but that wasn't the end.

Eternity Continent's Military arrived and it was only a matter of time before they get Power Core in their hands.

...People from Hope didn't have any choice other than destroy the Power Core so that those power-hungry individuals won't get their hands on it.

But even with the might of their whole Military, they only managed to make a slight crack on it.

People from Hope despaired... because the 4 Continents arrived at the Power Core.

In their final fight, they did everything they could to protect the Power Core.

But they were just delaying the inevitable.

People from Hope lost the war...

And when the 4 continents finally got their hands on power core... No one wanted to share it.

They started arguing and fighting.

All the Continents had heavy casualties, the people from Hope weren't weak, they were extremely strong.

That's why, the leaders of the Continents didn't want to share the Power Core, they wanted it for themselves... but the heavy casualties became even heavier...

Another war started between the 4 continents.

The war raged on Hope's continent.

Citizens of Hope started dying each day more and more.

It lasted for another 10 years... until finally, in the deciding war, something incredible happened...

Everyone watched with horror-filled faces, as the Power Core cracked into 5 different Core's.

The Power Core was about 100m in length.

But the new Core's were only about 25m.

The core's disappeared into the sky and traveled through the sky to the other continents.

On that day...

Hope wasn't the only continent with Power Core.

But now, every continent had one...

The Leaders of 4 Continents decided to end the war and leave the Hope behind, which was left in ruins.

They also decided on a very important matter...

They decided to make People from Hope, the enemy of humanity so that no one will find out what they did.

The continent of Hope name was changed...

It became Continent of Death.

People from the Continent of Death were treated as demons.

And the citizens from Death... Treated everyone as their enemy, they never forgot what others did to them, and they will never rest until they get their revenge.

They still have the same hate... Even after 200 years.

Currently, the World of Paradise is ruled by superpowers.

Government's of each Continent is more powerful than ever because they are the ones who created the ''Superheroes''

Superheroes, fancy terms, but with their powers, they could be considered as very super.

Heroes save people, protect the peace and prosperity of their Continent.

But... if there are Heroes...

Then there must be Villains.

Villains are mostly the ones who got rejected by society because their powers either looked villainous or ugly.

...But there were also some Villains who were naturally evil and wanted nothing, but to see the chaos around them.

There has been a theory that the Power Core gives a person an ability that reflected his or her true self.

Many people support that theory.

That's why, people with Villainous Superpowers are treated very harshly, even from a young age.

No one knows if the Theory is correct or false, but because the Theory came from the Government... it must be correct... right?

Heroes are idolized, while Villains are despised.

It is a natural order.

Heroes are the so-called Good Guys.

While Villains are so-called Bad Guys.

Everyone's Superpower manifests at the age of 10, but the Superpowers aren't the only thing they get...

No one knows why...

But after they get so-called Superpowers, they also get an Interface system, which tells people about their powers.

The Interface looks like this.

[Name: -----]

[Age: -----]

[Superpower: -----]

[Rank: -----]

[Description: -----]

Name and Age is obvious.

But the Superpower tells what your ability is.

And the Rank tells how strong is the ability.

The Ranks are from F to S.

F-Rank is the so-called Failure-Tier.

E-Rank is called Eyesore-Tier.

D-Rank is called Damaged-Tier.

C-Rank is called Courage-Tier.

B-Rank is called Blessed-Tier.

A-Rank is called Admirable-Tier.

While the S-Rank is the so-called Super-Tier.

Description in the Interface tells you, what your ability does.

Since the World is focused on superpowers, people who get weak abilities like E or F, are treated very harshly.

But even if you are F-Rank, it doesn't mean you will always stay as F-Rank.

You can improve your ability enough to rise a rank, but it is incredibly difficult and challenging because the Rank differences are huge.

But there is a thing called Ultimate Awakening.

If you reach the absolute limit of your power, you can reach the state, called Ultimate Awakening which will make your Superpowers Awaken a second time.

But this time... The ability will become even more powerful.

But only a handful of people has ever managed to succeed in that.

Some people reached that state but died during the process.

But for some people, death is better than living in constant humiliation.

The 4 Continents and their citizens are not united, they are very separated.

The Government mostly cares about the powerful individuals, and couldn't give a shit about some weak people dying.


There is a Continent that is more united than ever...

The Continent of Death...

They keep getting more powerful each passing day, and their hate fuels them.

The future of Paradise... Seems darker and darker for weak citizens...

If even the Heroes doesn't care about them... Who will?

Government? No.

Themselves? They can't.

Villains? What a joke, they rather kill, r*pe or rob.


What if there is a Villain... Who not only hates Heroes... but also hates Villains?

What if there is a Villain who hates everyone with power?

What if there is a Villain who would do anything, to kill the people with power?

And what if there is a Villain who was also like them? A weak civilian who can't help themselves.

...But if that Villain is weak like them... How can he help?

Without power... You become a slave to society.

Shit-paying jobs.

Bad living conditions.

Safety... Nonexistent.

Who would save them?

God? Unlikely.

Heroes? Unlikely.

Government? Unlikely.

Villains? Unlikely.

Maybe the person who hates all of the above?

The direction of Paradise is going in a direction no one would have ever guessed.

Most of the citizens, Heroes, and people from the Government thought that the biggest threat is the Continent of Death.

...But they had no idea...

That the biggest threat is...

Living among them.

That man... Also believed in the Heroes.

Even though he is one of the so-called Weak citizens who cannot protect themselves.

But he always liked to believe in the concept of heroes.

At least as a kid.

He idolized them.

Wanted to become like them.

...But the cruel reality crashed onto him.

Weak ability.

Useless ability.

Trash ability.

His ability was called by many names.

In school, he was bullied...

His parents despised him for being weak...

The government didn't care about him...

Heroes didn't bother to even ensure his safety.

...But his life wasn't all bad.

He found the love of his life...

Strangely his wife had a B-Rank ability, she could become anything she wants with her ability.

But instead of all that... She wanted to be with him.

He was happy, even after all the bullying, he was blessed with his life.

His wife was his everything.

But then...

On an ordinary day.

Everything was very ordinary.

He spent his morning with his wife Sophia.

Left for the work shortly afterward.

Spent a painful hour in his work.

But then he received a phone call.

Which changed everything.

The phone call was the start of his eternal rage.

His future changed.

Paradise's future changed.