37 Lucifer and his Sins.


The door to the meeting room was opened with force.

From there, a man with a business suit and slick haircut walked in. He had a stoic-looking face with no special features. His black hair was shining brightly while his black eyes scanned the room. He is President of The Main Government - Manifest.

He nodded after seeing everyone had arrived, but his eyebrows furrowed slightly after seeing Entity's state; it was plainly obvious that he had been in death and life confrontation not long time ago.

Manifest circled around the room and sat down on the chair with majestic number 0.

Next to him was sitting Presence; his usual stoic look hadn't changed one bit.

''Let's begin the meeting,'' Manifest said simply and started spreading many papers on the table.

The papers were now visible for everyone, and all of the documents showed different pictures.

Pictures of a massive army, images of soldiers running around, and photos of civilians cheering.

Manifest tapped the table and said, ''These are the pictures from the Death Continent.''

The 10 Thrones turned their heads towards Manifest.

''They are preparing for war,'' Manifest said with a serious face.

The 10 Thrones didn't change their facial expressions, but they know what this news means.

A big war... It is about to happen.

Presence frowned and asked, ''We knew that this would happen sooner or later, but why now?''

Manifest took another set of papers from who knows where. A bunch of documents magically appeared on his hand.

He showed everyone 7 pictures.

The first picture was of a tall man with long red hair and strikingly beautiful facial features. His eyes looked gentle but also charming. He was wearing long red robes, which made him look like a prince from a fairytale. He is Lucifer - Demon-Moon Villain!

Manifest pointed Lucifer's picture. ''Lucifer has started speeding up the process, I don't know why.''

Then he showed the second picture.

It was a picture of a dangerous-looking man. His messy black hair and menacing red eyes scream that he is someone not to be trifled with. He was wearing an outfit that was filled with holes and bloodstains. He is Greed - Calamity-Moon Villain!

''His 6 Sins has become more active as well, gathering more followers,'' Manifest added and then showed the third picture.

The third picture was a photo of a beautiful woman with long blond-colored hair. Her face was like a perfect masterpiece, one of a kind. Her delicate eyebrows and rose-colored lips can steal a breath away from anyone. Her beautiful ocean-like blue eyes are shown perfectly in the photo, and her perfect hourglass body is definitely sexy enough to make every man drool. Her big breasts and big ass is the dream of any man. She is Lust - Calamity-Moon Villain.

Manifest then slammed the fourth picture on the table.

It was a photo of a man with light green hair with beautiful green eyes. His average-looking face wasn't anything special, but his facial features show him being extremely tired for some reason, his eyes especially looking like they can barely stay open. He is Sloth - Calamity-Moon Villain.

In the fifth picture, a fat man is shown. His body is big enough to stomp anyone to death. His face was like a stuffed balloon, his eyes could be barely seen, and he had 5 chins. He didn't look threatening - he was like a giant teddy bear. He was wearing an overgrown shirt, which is obviously too big for him, even though his body is already massive! He is Gluttony - Calamity-Moon Villain.

In the sixth picture, a woman with an annoyed look was shown. Her ordinary brown hair wasn't anything special, but her facial features were very exquisite, but still not on the level of Lust, but she has her own kind of charm. It would be charming to look at, but her annoyed look ruined her look. She was wearing a black-colored dress, which perfectly outlined her curvaceous body. She is Envy - Calamity-Moon Villain.

In the last picture, a tall man is shown. He was standing at the height of 300cm at least - he had messy long hair with a majestic-looking beard. His face wasn't ugly or handsome - it was instead very masculine. He was wearing a usual tank top and pants, but his muscular body was barely hidden, and if he flexed his muscles even a little bit, I am confident that his shirt would be ripped apart. He is Pride - Calamity-Moon Villain!

Manifest took the pictures and snapped his fingers, which caused the papers to disappear.

Manifest was thoughtful for a few moments longer until he decided to open his mouth, ''I have been talking with other Continents... and they want to join hands to subdue Death Continent.''

Presence raised an eyebrow. ''They want to attack Death Continent?''

Manifest nodded, ''They think it is a good idea to destroy the root of all our problems.''

The 10 Thrones grimaced.

Destroying the root of all problems would mean killing Lucifer and his Sins, which is an achievement no one has been able to do yet; no one has even taken down a single Sin, now they have to take down all 7 of them!

Manifest, seeing their conflicted looks, decided to open his mouth, ''Killing Lucifer is very difficult, but the Freedom's Main Government decided to borrow one of their Champion-Star Hero.''

Entity raised an eyebrow. ''I doubt they will risk the death of their Champion-Star Hero.''

Manifest nodded. ''We need one more Champion-Star Hero, but Freedom isn't willing to borrow two, can't really blame them either.''

Entity nodded, but he had one more question, ''What about the Recruitment of Villains, how is it going?''

Manifest sighed. ''We managed to get 2 Disaster-Moon Villains and Ten 10-Moon Villains.''

''Are you really planning to pardon them?'' Presence asked with a curious expression.

Manifest shook his head, ''Depends... If they survive, then yes, but we plan to make them cannon fodder and force their deaths.''

Presence furrowed his brows, but then he scoffed and crossed his arms.

He has gotten used to the Main Government using some dirty tricks.

The other 10 Thrones also stayed silent, but it didn't mean they were happy.

''Time for the next agenda,'' Manifest suddenly said and turned his head towards Entity.

Entity furrowed his brows.

''What happened in the Evil Paradise?'' Manifest asked.

The other 10 Thrones were also curious; they obviously heard about the massive battle going on there.

The battle between 6 Disaster-Level beings is not something ordinary.

Entity sighed and started telling everything that happened.

He started with the battle in Charity.

He said that the Kindland would be sunk to the ocean instead of Evil Paradise if they kept fighting there.

He said he decided to take this fight somewhere else, and the Evil Paradise seemed the perfect place.

In the City of Evil, they met Karabu and Entity talked about Karabu's and Godly Assassination Association's relationship.

Which caused astonished faces in the meeting room.

After all, a Calamity-Moon Villain controls the Godly Assassination Association, and his strength is not to be underestimated.

Presence scoffed after hearing about the Godly Assassination Association.

He met the Chairman once and had a battle against him, but it only lasted few minutes, because the country they fought was already showing a signs of breaking, and the country was important for both of them. Presence decided to retreat, but the memory of that fight still remains on his mind.

Entity next talked about how Raizo and Jack decided to help him to take care of Karabu.

Next he talked about Karabu's ability to split himself.

This caused a massive sighs to appear on the hall.

That ability would be extremely important, but also extremely dangerous.

Imagine a Three Disaster-Moon Villains attacking any country, they would succeed because it is highly unlikely that Main Government has time to gather 3 Super-Star Heroes or more.

Super-Star Heroes has their own territories to safeguard, and they can't be everywhere.

Presence would be different though.

He could defeat Karabu all by himself.

No matter can he split himself into 3 or 5, he would still be defeated.


Manifest snapped his finger and a photo of Jack appeared on his hand, he threw it to the middle of the table, ''It seems Jack has appeared on Happyland.''

Presence narrowed his eyes, ''Should I go stop him.''

Manifest turned his head towards Entity, ''Is he threat?''

Entity thought for a moment, then he shook his head, ''He won't stay in Happyland for long... He has a place he needs to go.''

''Can you elaborate?'' Manifest said.

''He is going to visit Charity one last time, after that he will leave Kindland for good.'' Entity said with certainty.

''Are you sure?'' Manifest narrowed his eyes.

Entity nodded. ''I am.''

Manifest nodded, he believes in Entity's judgment.

Presence also relaxed, they know Entity's brilliant sense of Judgment, he can judge everyone's personality like it was nothing, because of that, they managed to subdue some of the Super-Star Heroes who didn't have good intentions towards Main Government.

Manifest snapped his fingers and all the pictures disappeared, he stood up and said, ''Meeting has ended, we will contact you all once the time to attack Death Continent is approaching.''

The 10 Thrones nodded and started leaving the meeting hall.

Entity and Presence walked side by side in the corridors.

''You know why Jack is going to Charity, can you tell me?'' Presence asked.

Entity turned his head towards Presence. ''He is going there to have his revenge.''

Presence frowned, ''How many?''

Entity smiled slightly. ''Only one.''

Presence looked surprised slightly, but then he nodded and suddenly disappeared.

Entity wryly smiled, even if he is only 1 Rank below Presence, he still can't feel anything after Presence suddenly disappears.

This is the gap between Hero-Star and Super-Star.

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