394 The Princess Of The Garden's Identity

Undoubtedly, it was excruciating at first, and any ordinary person would have collapsed or screamed continuously due to Orion's relentless thrusting and the accompanying pain. However, she possessed remarkable control over her own body. But as time passed...


Suddenly, she felt the interior of her now-drenched vagina expanding once more. The Princess of the Garden wanted to ask about this unexpected sensation, but her lips were sealed involuntarily the moment a burst of hot, thick semen erupted from Orion's urethra.

"KYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~" Her scream echoed all around them, momentarily disorienting Orion as his senses were overwhelmed by the intensity of her cry.

Even the guardians, who had been in a daze from witnessing the Princess being vigorously penetrated by such a large throbbing penis, couldn't help but snap out of their stupor when they noticed the current state of their princess.

Defeated… She looked utterly defeated.


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