Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Meet Eren Elijhah Idril, the guy who just couldn't catch a break even in the afterlife. He kicks the bucket as an old, broke-down adventurer, courtesy of a not-so-friendly neighborhood monster. Bummer, right? But hold onto your hats, 'cause that's not where his story ends. By some crazy stroke of fate, Eren gets thrown back in time to his teenage years, back when he was just a greenhorn at Lionheart Academy, dreaming big and not a care in the world (except maybe passing his special exams as a a novice Ranker). Now, most folks might use a second shot at life to right their wrongs, make amends, you know, the whole shebang. But not our boy Eren. Nope, he's not about to let a little thing like mortality slow him down. With a fresh start on the horizon, Eren decides to throw caution to the wind and embrace his inner rogue. And boy, does he embrace it. From pulling off daring heists to stirring up trouble wherever he goes, Eren dives headfirst into a life of mischief and mayhem, all without batting an eyelash. No hesitation, no regrets—just pure, unadulterated chaos. [WPC#218 Bronze Trophy Winner] [Mature content warning.] Additional tags: #evilmc #mature #evilprotagonist #antiheroprotagonist #coldmc #calculatingmc #pragmaticmc #smut #lemons #maturecontent ================= Instagram: graybacknovels Discord: https://discord.com/invite/R5uGQaXJRY

Grayback · Fantasy
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1917 Chs

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Ken was about to clash with the new bunch of elves.

But just then, he felt a presence behind him. It was the same frail presence that was trying to seek shelter in his shadows a moment before.

Because of the unusual situation the Fist Saint was in, the frail-looking girl managed to sneak behind him. And before Ken could understand the Whats and Whys of it, he felt his heart getting pierced by the girl's dagger from behind.


Ken cried in pain when the girl's dagger came out of the other side of his chest. One had to say that the timing at which the frail-looking girl had chosen to attack Ken was just perfect. His back was the most defenseless at that time and the girl struck him where it hurt the most– where it dealt the most damage.